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  1. Banksy

    League One - 2023/24

    Add predictable to the above list then. Other teams can easily set themselves up to combat us given our same old set match plan which doesn’t seemingly change much even when our opponents change theirs. And one goal will be often be enough to win the match for them because scoring for us seems...
  2. Banksy

    League One - 2023/24

    Forgone conclusion then ? At least one of the bottom four places is still up for grabs and we’re not exactly convincing at the moment are we , we’re predictable , low scoring , boring , accident prone , put in what you like , most of it will fit.
  3. Banksy

    T.V. adverts you can't stand

    Disgusting ad , puts you right off the stuff even if you were interested to start with. Mind you , that stupid one with the old lady with a donkey on her shoulders was nuts too.
  4. Banksy

    Welcome Luke Harris

    And it’s worked darn well too.
  5. Banksy

    March 2024 Points Prediction Thread

    And anyway , there’s always the bonus that if I say one point , they’ll suddenly break into a sweat and win all six. P.s Then I woke up …..
  6. Banksy

    Last film watched..

    Prawn sandwiches I hope.I expect nothing less.🥪
  7. Banksy

    March 2024 Points Prediction Thread

    Well, we can’t buy a goal at the moment as we wait for Caldwell’s master plan ( which he seems to have mislaid at the moment) , to bear fruit. I’m calculating that our home draw against Burton will come from a deflection off the ref’s arse.
  8. Banksy

    E.C.F.C. V Fleetwood Town Matchday Thread.

    What action replays?
  9. Banksy

    March 2024 Points Prediction Thread

    02/03 A Peterborough. Loss 4-0 no points 09/03 H Bolton. Loss 0-2. no points 12/03 A Shrewsbury. Loss 2-1. no points 16/03 H Burton. Draw. 1-1. One point 23/03 A Leyton Orient. Loss. 3-1. no points 29/03 H Charlton. Loss. 1-2. no points One point and up the creek
  10. Banksy

    Harry Kite

    A great shame but no doubt like Jack he’ll find somewhere where he’s more appreciated. Our loss will be their gain.
  11. Banksy

    February 2024 Points Prediction Thread

    Well , that’s my last attempt at an optimistic prediction.Well done Max!
  12. Banksy

    Gary's January Transfer Window

    It never is seemingly…
  13. Banksy

    Welcome Mo Eisa

    Absolutely right Credy , trouble is , this is going to drag on and on with Caldwell as manager. And every supporter that packs it in because he or she can’t stand it any more is another nail in City’s coffin. All that hard won support and goodwill built up over the last ten or twenty years will...
  14. Banksy

    Gary's January Transfer Window

    For goodness sake , Gary’s only the manager , what on Earth can he do about it.
  15. Banksy

    Welcome Mo Eisa

    Our issue isn’t Eisa it’s the manager……