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    Former Players

    What a load of twaddle. He may have been born in Torquay but grew up in Newton Abbot. He joined our academy at the age of 11, having been rejected two years earlier.
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    Welcome Luke Harris

    I wouldn't worry about it, whatever you put ain't going to stop JGrecian23 from continuing to rant on about anything or everything ! :cool:
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    Former Players

    Either it's the new trend, or they are simply copying us ! :cool:
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    To balance that there were matches against such "behemoths" of the Conference like Droylsden, Farsley Celtic, Histon and Leigh RMI ! :p
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    League One - 2023/24

    Because it is still owned by their former chairman with all the undesirable ramifications that brings, is the short answer !
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    Brentford were one team that closed their academy, preferring to run an U23 team instead. However with the rule changes requiring all Premier League clubs to run an academy they have been forced to reopen theirs. This rule change will exacerbate the poaching scenario putting further pressure on...
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    Blimey ! Did you really miss Hiley "nutmegging" Ronaldo then Al ? :unsure:
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    March 2024 Points Prediction Thread

    OK Sherlock ! :)
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    Exeter City on this day

    The crazy thing at that time was that the TV companies were contractually prevented from announcing in advance which games that they were showing In their highlights programmes. So that night although the programme was scheduled, they were unable to say that it would be City v Newcastle being...
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    Exeter City Women 2023/24

    Fifth placed in the Northern Premier League, one step above us.
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    Little things that amuse you

    Reminds me of my college days in Brighton. The Police Station was next door and the prominently displayed sign at the entrance to their car park read "POLICE ONLY". Of course the first two letters were often removed. Meanwhile up in Watford, the Old Bill had the name of the road next to their...
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    Rugby League

    The very name of Warrington brings me, and no doubt many other Grecians out in a cold sweat ! I try very hard with little success to expunge the memory of our humiliating FA Cup defeat, live on national TV ! Best to let that particular "sleeping dog lie". :mad:
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    Former Players

    Timothee Dieng scored Gillingham's goal In their 1-0 win over Wrexham. It put the Gills up into a play off spot at the same time as seeing the Welsh boyos drop out of an "automatic" place.
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    League One - 2023/24

    Shirley some of those games in hand are against each other ? :unsure:
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    Ethan Ampadu

    Shhhhush ! ;)