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    SJP capacity

    You've just described Sandy Park!!
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    SJP capacity

    I always stand top left of the bank as you look at the pitch so really had no idea. I knew that the toilets and catering at the back had gone but assumed that they were replaced by the ones at the stadium way entrance. Incidentally I recently sat in the Stansfield stand for the first time and...
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    SJP capacity

    To be honest with you as someone who moved away from Exeter nearly 30 years ago and therefore only attend two or three home games a season whilst visiting my mum I have never stood on that part of the big bank and had no idea there were toilets there.
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    SJP capacity

    It's clearly too small to extend the stand because of the railway line but could it be made into a small terrace a few steps deep and increase the overall capacity by a couple of Hundred?(not that this would solve any seating capacity issues).
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    Former Players

    I saw Amond play for Woking against Boreham Wood today. He played well before being taken off towards the end.
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    Welcome Gary Caldwell - new manager

    Absolutely spot on. A new manager is always an unknown quantity but they wouldn't appoint anyone unwilling to buy into the philosophy of the club. What we lack in terms of financial clout compared to other clubs we can give in terms of patience and stability. He knows he's at a club that will...
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    The Next Exeter City First Team Manager Thread

    Indeed. I agree with all of the above but his record on the pitch is impressive in a league with much bigger fish. What he doesn't have however is a long track record of developing youngsters (Sorba Thomas now at Huddersfield being the notable exception). Notwithstanding the PASE set up there...
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    The Next Exeter City First Team Manager Thread

    Have you been to Borehamwood??? It's not posh but bloody expensive due to close proximity to London. I live in the far more salubrious Elstree!!!
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    The Next Exeter City First Team Manager Thread

    As an exiled City fan living in Hertfordshire who regularly watches Boreham Wood FC I'd say we could do far worse than go for their manager Luke Garrard. He's 37 years old and has been the manager for 7 years or so. In that time they've reached the FA Cup 5th round, National League play off...
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    Matt Taylor Leaving? Has left!

    Wayne Carlisle? I'm sure he's been mentioned but I haven't read through the whole thread.
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    Matt Taylor Leaving? Has left!

    Garrard is the Boreham Wood manager.
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    Alfie Pond to Wolves for 500k

    Saw him play for Wolves under 21 today at Arsenal (I live very near to Boreham Wood FC where Arsenal ladies and youth play). Played well on the whole. Won everything in the air and comfortable on the ball. He won some good tackles. He did however make one horrendous mistake when he gave the ball...
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    Doesn't mean he's not leaving but my mate attended an open first team training session at Stamford Bridge yesterday and Ampadu was there.
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    The Liverpool In Crisis Thread

    Nothing to do with City.
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    Nelson Iseguan

    He came on in the 58th minute and off again in the 71st minute so presumably injured rather than being awful.