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  1. Grecian68

    FACup 2023-2024 season

    Can we find anything on Wigan?
  2. Grecian68

    Reading - New Years Day 2024

    I went South Stand, as normally up in the God’s isn’t the best of views.
  3. Grecian68

    Caldwell out?

    Do we have dictators on the board?
  4. Grecian68


    But, which January?
  5. Grecian68


    What’s the latest? Now, less than five weeks to Christmas!
  6. Grecian68

    Exeter Chiefs fans

    TV pundit racially abused at Exeter Chiefs match https://www.devonlive.com/sport/rugby/rugby-news/tv-presenter-racist-sandy-park-8918259?utm_source=app
  7. Grecian68

    Caldwell out?

    Gary Caldwell: Exeter City boss does not feel job is under pressure after another loss https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/67396947
  8. Grecian68

    Caldwell out?

    Seen worse times supporting City, but those managers have ended up being sacked.
  9. Grecian68

    Caldwell out?

    Back to crowds of 3k-4k in league 2
  10. Grecian68

    Caldwell out?

    I know its wishful thinking, never going to happen with our board
  11. Grecian68

    Caldwell out?

    Need a club statement tonight
  12. Grecian68

    Caldwell out?

    Still happy clappers on social media defending him
  13. Grecian68

    Demetri Mitchell on X

    D Do you think the club will have something to say about this?
  14. Grecian68

    Caldwell to Bristol Rovers

    Would they want a manager on a worse run than the one that they have just sacked? 😂
  15. Grecian68

    League One - 2023/24

    Caldwell’s doing worse