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    World Cup : Qatar Nov/Dec 2022.

    Just like his politics 😅
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    League 1 News 22-23

    Swear filter needed.......
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    Ampadu in Wales squad

    Wasn't that Arsene Wenger's idea? Anyway nothing to do with Ethan.
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    Little things that amuse you

    Tim must be absolutely fuming🤣🤣
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    World Cup : Qatar Nov/Dec 2022.

    Another cracker today. South Korea and Ghana.
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    The Politics Thread USA Edition

    You could try talking to people😄
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    Energy Prices

    Just got an email from Bulb to say they are lowering my DD yet again. Another £20 saved.
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    World Cup : Qatar Nov/Dec 2022.

    Was an exciting game to watch.
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    Welcome Gary Caldwell - new manager

    Oh dear god......
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    music quiz redux

    No wonder I couldn't get it.......🤪
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    music quiz redux

    Yeh, right....
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    music quiz redux

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    TV Times

    The Singing Detective on BBC 4 on Wednesday nights.
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    Old MOTD & Big Match.

    Lovely pitch.....
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    TV Times

    I see the 3 series of the Beiderbecke Affair is available on ITV Hub. Enjoyed the series first time round. Will definitely watch again.