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    October 2023 Points Prediction Thread

    03/10 A Charlton. L 0-1 07/10 H Barnsley. L 1-3 14/10 A Bristol Rovers D 1-1 21/10 H Wigan W 2-1 24/10 A Derby L 0-2 28/10 H Lincoln W 2-0 7 points
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    Exeter City vs Luton - EFL Cup - match day thread.

    My time machine must be malfunctioning.
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    Exeter City vs Luton - EFL Cup - match day thread.

    A great result! Keeping my head down here in Luton this evening and still debating which shirt to wear at the airport tomorrow morning. Might be picking up some relatives from Gatwick at the end of October when the next round is scheduled. Are Crawley still in the cup? If so, we are likely to...
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    Matt Taylor - A Man on a Mission

    At university, I had quite a few friends who lived to the west of Sheffield and whenever we visited the city we always approached it from the Peak District. I thought what an attractive place it was. One day we got lost and ended up in east Sheffield and eventually Rotherham. That’s when I...
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    Welcome Gary Caldwell - new manager

    But not as useful as the actual number of goals scored. Us ‘older’ fans put much more value on actual goals than expected goals (at least until the authorities decide that XGs will be used to decide games rather than AGs (actual goals)).
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    Will Today's Game Be The Hottest Match That Exeter City Have Ever Played In?

    Exewebbers seem to be much better at remembering bad weather than good weather. Is it our natural pessimism showing through?
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    September 2023 Points Prediction Thread

    Thanks! Senior moment.
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    September 2023 Points Prediction Thread

    Suffering from Luton on the brain! Can I change my 09/09 prediction to Leyton Orient?
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    September 2023 Points Prediction Thread

    02/09 Burton Albion A D 1-1 09/09 Luton Orient H W 2-0 16/09 Cheltenham Town H. W 2-0 23/09 Oxford United A. L 1-2 30/09 Northampton Town H D 1-1 8 points
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    League Cup 3rd Round Draw

    Just like most of my predictions!
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    League Cup 3rd Round Draw

    I never thought I’d ever say it, but away to Luton would be my choice. I am flying out of Luton Airport early the next morning so it’s the only game I would have a chance of seeing. Hope I haven’t jinxed us.
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    Stevenage (League Cup) build up thread.

    I wouldn’t advise a visit to FECRACE if you are driving back to Hampshire tonight.
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    August 2023 Points Prediction Thread

    I think I predicted 5 correct results last season, but ……….
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    Exeter City vs Reading Matchday Thread

    Jay Stansfield scores for Birmingham v Argyle 2-1
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    VAR Yay or Nay ?

    I hate VAR. It destroys the flow of the game and does not seem to radically improve decisions. I’d much rather watch a game that flows freely than one where the game stops for a few minutes so that they discover that the defender’s right elbow played the forward onside by 5mm.