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    Ipswich Town (H) Discussion Thread

    Yes, remember it well. As away days go, that was a bad one, with plenty of vitriol heaped on the team.
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    Archie Collins

    Do we know what Archies contract status is ? I suspect that he is one of the ones who will be out of contract at the end of the season.
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    Matt Taylor Leaving? Has left!

    Taking them in January is one thing, but I am more concerned about the number of players that may leave at the end of the season, if as suggested, very few will remain contracted.
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    Yep, something is happening.
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    Cheltenham vs Exeter - Carabao Cup 1st round. Match day thread

    Sonny denied by a goal line deflection.
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    Fans forum 26 July

    The sound quality was not great on the Youtube feed. Can anyone advise what Sam said about his injury ?
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    Torquay United vs Exeter City friendly match day thread. Kick off 3pm

    Its pretty obvious that he does support another team.
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    Rochdale/Barrow and Vale tickets

    This is what happens when you fume for too long.
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    Former Players

    I see that Robbie Cundy who was briefly on loan with us a couple seasons back, has now played a handful of games for Bristol City.
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    £100k scoreboard. Yay or Nay.

    Whilst the scoreboard may not be making its debut until Saturday, if it has some functionality, could it be used tonight to display the colours of the Ukraine flag ?
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    League 2 news 2021/22

    If I was the guy conducting the interview I would feel inclined to shove that microphone where the sun doesn't shine. A totally disrespectful man.
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    Welcome Kieran Phillips (in on loan)

    I'll wager that he took a punt and got lucky. His record shows that he knows nothing.
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    Cheick Diabate

    If I recall correctly, he was released by Stevenage and was picked up by City at the trials that a lot of the released lads attend when trying to find a new club.
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    Exeter City v Northampton Town : L2 : 7.45pm : MDT

    As soon as the Northampton player that you refer too got to his feet, the NT manager was shouting at him "Koiki, stay down, stay down". He had no concern that he was shouting this into the ear of the fourth official.
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    Chelmsford City v Exeter City FA Youth Cup 2nd Round Match Day Thread

    My status is now 'Assigned', but as you say there is no instruction as to what to do next.