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    Season tickets 2021/22

    The wording could be clearer, but I think what we are being told is that the Box Office phoneline will be available until 31st May while the Super Saver deadline is 30th June. Presumably because the ticket office will not be manned all through the summer.
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    BBC Radio Devon

    I emailed Radio Devon as I wanted to be sure they were aware how poor Tuesday's commentary was, and received the following reply from Mark Grinnell which he asked to be shared. Thank you for your comments about last night’s Exeter City V Morecambe match commentary on BBC Radio Devon. I am...
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    Post your spare playoff tickets here

    I have 1 adult big bank ticket available for Thursday. The ticket has now been sold.
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    Post your spare playoff tickets here

    I have 1 adult big bank ticket available for Thursday.
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    Argyle at SJP 21 February 2015

    This is not true, I am a season ticket holder in the WTS and have to move from my normal seat for the Argyle game, no one from the club has mentioned either that this might continue to happen in the future nor the the need to relocate permanently.
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    Ryan Harley at the game yesterday?

    It's a shame we got Noble back in so quickly, I'd would rather have Harley any day of the week. Surely there's a deal to be done, Swindon obviously don't want him and are presumably paying his wages anyway.
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    Former Players

    Sorry, I thought you were talking about Saturday's howlers.
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    Former Players

    On the contrary, he comes out of it smelling of roses, he was on the bench!
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    Who is not going on Saturday due the Ticketing policy or Prices at ECFC?

    Doesn't help, you still need to commit to an individual game in advance. There are two options for buying FLEXeter tickets: • Choose your 10 games when purchasing the package and get the match tickets instantly, and guarantee your place for all of the games (only when bought in person at...
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    Season Ticket Refunds....

    Originally Posted by Grecian_Jay I think the main issue is that you made the purchase knowing exactly what you were buying. Anyone who bought a ST for next season doesn't deserve a refund, no one couldpossibly think it will be any better. The point is we don't know exactly what we are going...
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    Some Sunny Day issue 4 Easter Monday 21 April

    How about publishing the Home Form /Tactics thread from Exeweb, in the hope that Tisdale might read it. It is exactly what a lot of the silent majority feel and doesn't stray off topic (yet). Just an idea.
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    Yeovil tickets

    I've missed out here, the club has sold their allocation in the East Stand, I hadn't realised they were on sale. I'm looking for 2 adult seats if anyone has spare, please PM me. Thanks.
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    hereford united v exeter city matchday thread

    Jon Challinor, now at Brackley Town along with another not so quick ex Grecian
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    Has anyone else had trouble buying online from Ticketzone recently? The club have confirmed my priority number and Ticketzone agree that I have purchased online from them before, but my login no longer works and they don't seem interested in doing anything about it. Just wondered if others are...