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    Ampadu in Wales squad

    While I think they've probably underperformed over the past week and a bit - they'd overperformed by qualifying. They did really well to get in to a play-off from a group that contained Belgium and the Czech Republic, but were lucky that the other two teams in their group (Belarus and...
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    Ampadu in Wales squad

    Agreed wrekin - the potential for collusion is horrible.
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    League 1 News 22-23

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    Sheffield Wednesday (h) ticket availability

    I get the sense from what I've seen on here, and via social media, that the atmosphere being generated by your fans which was already good has gone up a few more notches since I was last there. Hopefully we'll shift our allocation, you'll sell all of yours and it will be a proper Boxing Day...
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    Ampadu in Wales squad

    I think England only have to avoid a four goal defeat. As a Pompey fan, I'm a natural pessimist, however....
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    Ampadu in Wales squad

    Do or Dai for Wales against England.
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    Ampadu in Wales squad

    I thought Ethan shone throughout in a side that went from awful to competitive. I have to say, though, that the US national team is of a shocking standard given the improved visibility of the game there in the past thirty or so years. Pulisic is talented but, in genreal, they continue to...
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    Chris Woolcott

    RIP and condolences to those who knew him x
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    Oxford Utd (away) FA Cup - 2nd Round Discussion Thread

    From past experience what happens with officiating at the World Cup does tend to influence the domestic game straight after. I'm pretty sure the 17.08 from Fratton station, which has always been a bit hit and miss depending on the fourth official's board, may become a bygone relic for me...
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    Last Band you saw

    The Icicle Works in that there London last night, thoroughly enjoyed it. Ian McNabb still has a voice on him and lots of energy.
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    Portsmouth on boxing day.

    That's at odds with the mission statement of our local dominatrix.
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    League 1 News 22-23

    Yours are the Chunk of Devon ones, no? They're superb - occasionally treat myself and the other half to a steak one/roasted vegetable one with the online grocery order. I've not for a while so you've just prompted me to add a couple for this weekend's order @iscalad. The diet will have to...
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    League 1 News 22-23

    Jesus wept. (The sausage rolls and pies are very good btw).
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    Home Attendances and Atmosphere

    Unfortunately, given what I've watched over the last six weeks I can also pretty much guarantee you some points from at least one of those matches. Had Morecambe had their shooting boots on yesterday we could have easily lost 4 or 5-1.
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    Gary Caldwell Interview Bingo

    Spent a few years lamenting some of my younger colleagues in meetings starting sentences with 'So,...', but have caught myself doing it quite a bit recently. At Pompey, Cowley is a proper 'bingo' manager. 'On the grass', 'Humble', 'Best version ot ourselves', 'The group', etc... At the...