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  1. Spoonz Red E

    We're on our way to Wembley ....

    It's true! Stoke Hill Primary will be playing at Wembley representing ECFC this weekend before the League 2 playoff final. They'll be playing St Georges Primary representing Tranmere Rovers in the final of the EFL Utilita Kids for League 2...
  2. Spoonz Red E

    Advent Quiz Roy of the Rovers meets the Big Bank

    Welcome to the "Advent Quiz Roy of the Rovers meets the Big Bank" where those of you with Roys have chance to convert them to points. I have 14 questions in the locker - 11 starters and 3 subs. The 11 starters are going to be posted over the next few minutes. Remember to state which question...
  3. Spoonz Red E


    Welcome to the 2021 Exeweb Advent Calendar Quiz This (not in any way abnormal) year has trundled its way down the dirt track and is now knocking on the quizmater's door demanding that he get his lumber out of slumber, step into Bobby Ewing's hand-me-down shower unit and post those pesky...
  4. Spoonz Red E

    Mayflower anniversary

    Best wishes to all our green chums on the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower setting sail. Starting a long tradition for those who couldn't wait to wave Plymouth goodbye ;)
  5. Spoonz Red E

    What are the odds?

    Weird stat corner... Before Man City and Norwich's wins today the top 5 divisions from Premiership down to Conference were all headed by teams beginning with 'L' Liverpool, Leeds, Luton, Lincoln and Leyton Orient. Given that there is only one other team in all the 5 divisions beginning with L...
  6. Spoonz Red E

    Exeter City Museum

    I want to big up our archive and museum team who go from strength to strength. When we supporters took over the Club back in 2003 it wasn't just the state of disrepair that was apparent but also that the club had no sense of...
  7. Spoonz Red E

    Editing function

    Lately, when I've tried to edit or preview a post the editing area appears completely blank although the post appears in full meaning I can't edit or if I accept the preview and submit I get a message saying the text is too short. Has anyone else experienced this or is it local to me? I...
  8. Spoonz Red E

    Histories of St James Park

    Just spent a really enjoyable 50 minutes or so watching this on the Grecian Archive YouTube Channel Excellent stuff. Oh, and the word on Well Street? "REGENT" apparently ;)
  9. Spoonz Red E

    Televised game?

    Having thought for a while that our game against Carlisle could be the chosen game next Saturday I now doubt it. Could be the Gargs as a win would give them the title. Blackpool v Orient for some spicy fan action. Hartlepool for the Jeff Stelling show. My money's on Wycombe v Cambridge...
  10. Spoonz Red E

    Winging it

    As an alternative to recent political bunfighting an opportunity to show some appreciation for actions of politicians you wouldn't normally support. My world view I'd say is left wing (don't worry - I'll insist on a small font on my headstone so they can add 'loony', 'extreme' & 'whinging' as...
  11. Spoonz Red E

    Advent Calendar Quiz 2013

    Here we go again with the annual Exeweb Advent Calendar Quiz. Rules more or less as per Log's of 2012 with a couple of tweaks. Each day, a pictorial clue will be given which will lead you on an epic journey to an answer related to people, places, or events connected in some way to ECFC...
  12. Spoonz Red E

    U18 tickets for Orient game - MUCH cheaper in advance

    I've asked for this info to be highlighted on the Club site and Facebook as well. But if you are, or know anyone who is, under 18 & planning to go the Orient game next Saturday.. Tickets are £5 in advance from us but £11 pounds dearer (£16) on the day. Adult tickets are £2 cheaper from us...
  13. Spoonz Red E

    Hay or Neigh No:74986

    Pretty Pink Pickles the Pony
  14. Spoonz Red E

    Flybe Quiz - have you got a team entered yet?

    Just to let you know the Flybe Quiz is being run over 5 nights again this month. The format is 16 teams per night with each team playing directly against other teams in mini-leagues. You play 'matches' (5 questions) within the groups to score a win, lose or draw so even if you don't top the...
  15. Spoonz Red E

    Anagram corner

    The Peter Ridsdale, Brendan Guilfoyle and Kevin Heaney trio. Hide debt in notary, ruin argyle, develop the land, rake in fees.
  16. Spoonz Red E

    Proverbs for our time

    I like a good proverb me -but some of 'em are showing their age now. Any modern variations? Here's a couple for starters Too many cooks spoil daytime telly. A stitch in time means my embroidery piece says 'tie me'
  17. Spoonz Red E

    A psychologist writes ....

    Couldn't help but notice that two of the main slogans facing Plymouth players as they come out on to the pitch are "You're not hungry anymore" and "Fly from Plymouth"
  18. Spoonz Red E

    Big Bank now open for Stanno until 5pm on Saturday

    Just in case anyone's missed the update on the club site, the Big Bank will now stay open until 5pm tomorrow instead of 2pm as originally planned. There will be a minute's silence at 3pm to coincide with other tributes around the country for Adam...
  19. Spoonz Red E

    Brighton game - ALL TICKET for City fans

    Just posting to remind everyone that the Brighton game is all ticket for City fans and they are not selling on the day. Apologies to those of you who already know this. We have tickets at the club in Reception which can be bought between 10am and 5.30 pm Thursday & Friday. You can also still...
  20. Spoonz Red E

    If you have a Norwich ticket but can't travel

    I've made this a new thread to avoid it being buried at the end of the other one. We posted a note to the Club website this afternoon as follows. "If the match goes ahead and fans know TODAY that they are not travelling we can offer a refund on unused tickets provided they let reception here...