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  1. Grecian2K

    Congratulations Jevani Brown!!!

    Enjoy your international week away and come back refreshed, even more enthused and....most importantly....UNINJURED.
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    Peter Kenyon - loyal clubman

    Sums up just about everything that stinks about Prem League and its football Everton: Ex-Manchester United & Chelsea chief Peter Kenyon leads group hoping to buy club - BBC Sport ManUre - tick (and kerching) Chelski - love em forevah (kerching) ah hang on A gig at Everton might be on (kerching)...
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    The Home Park End of Season Dinner Dance

    Just seen the order of ceremonies for this illustrious event. Main courses will include large potions of Humble Pie accompanied by sour grapes Unfortunately, no lagers will be available but we have a large selection of bitters By special request the playlist for the after dinner disco will be...
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    League 1 News 22-23

    Too early to start this thread? Nah!!!! 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸
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    The TITLE Charge?

    Still too early???
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    GAME OFF: The Exeter City Vs Barrow Prediction and Discussion Thread

    Well, someone had to start it. (And I was tempted to by this little gem) What is it with Barrow and these 7 goal disappointments?
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    Energy Prices

    Though this topic might be significant enough to justify it's own thread for discussion (but if not, feel free to submerge it into the "Politics" thread) With our current 12 month contract due to expire at the end of the month we have started to look around for it's successor. And BOY, WHAT A...
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    Cambridge United v Exeter City FA Cup 2nd Round Prediction & Discussion Thread (audio commentary only - NO VIDEO STREAM)

    Too early to start this one? (After all, we've had to wait a long, long time)
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    US Open Tennis 2021

    Yes, I know it's a bandwagon but bravo Emma R! Even a grumpy old curmudgeon (TM Al) like me has been somewhat warmed by not just the achievements but also the warm enjoyment and obvious youthful enthusiasm being shown by this virtual "beginner". In this world of "big money sport" it's been...
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    Bye bye Bootham

    As someone who. In past times, enjoyed the "hospitality" of The Crescent (and the many conveniently located hostelries) on Grecian away day I found this a poignant read. And, perhaps, a salutary one for those fellow Exonians who still hanker for a soulless out of town identikit stadium for our...
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    The "Red Shorts"? - Yay or Nay

    Well it's a yay from me! Reminds me of those "glorious" days of Banks, Binney. Wingate, Parker, Newman et Al....oh and a treasured (and long since lost) Subbuteo set circa 1969. At least they are a bit "unique" and we no longer look like a Saints/Brentford tribute act.
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    Grecian Film Club

    Mention of Logan's Run elsewhere got me wondering what other ECFC related cinematic gems there might have been over the years? I'll start with The Producers. The great Tony Kellow and Alan Beer combine to rob other investors in D4 clubs of their dreams of glory. (Although some argue that the...
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    GWR Advance Tickets

    Just had an email from GWR advising that, until the end of December, the dates of advance tickets can be changed if needed without any charge. Don't know if this applies to other train operators as well, but hope this info may help some travelling Grecians with their planning.
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    Champions League Final

    Russian Oligarch 1 Middle East Oil Sheik 0 Make you SO proud to be British.
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    Allo Allo

    What's going on here eh, Helga? Hansi Flick to succeed Joachim Low as Germany boss after Euro 2020 - BBC Sport
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    Taking the Mickey (Mouse)

    Perhaps this should be on the "Things That Amuse You" thread, but good to see the scales finally falling from old Hands So Lowe's eyes. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Plymouth Argyle: Ryan Lowe criticises side after 6-0 Charlton Athletic defeat - BBC Sport
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    Goal Scoring Problem?

    What "Goal Scoring Problem"?... Gosh. If only we had a free-scoring centre forward as well, eh?
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    Time for Cowley bye-byes

    I see that the dynamic duo have had the old heave-ho from Huddersfield then.
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    Those Deluded Gr**ns

    Has anyone else had the misfortune of watching the sycophantic interview with their head honcho, Mr S*m*n H*ll*t on the BBC Spotlight lunchtime news? Not sure who was asking the fawning questions but I suspect his name was Mr R Slicker! Seems that the tenuous grasp on reality really does start...
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    Tonight's other matches.

    As well as our U23s I note that threeof our near rivals are also using up games in hand in L2 action tonight FOREST GUMPS v CREWE Grimsby v CHELTENHAM A draw in the former and a win for Les's fishermen would be nice?