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  1. grecIAN Harris

    174 Dead At Indonesian League match.

    Just read that 174 fans have been killed in a crush at the end of an Indonesian League match. A further 180 have been injured
  2. grecIAN Harris

    Go On Then........Both Barrells

    Bring it on, I've got it coming and I deserve it. At the moment you aren't going to make me feel any worse than I do now, I feel like we've just lost the play-offs.
  3. grecIAN Harris

    The Official Title Deciding Exeter City versus Port Vale Matchday Thread

    The day has dawned and days like these don't come around very often for an Exeter City fan, once before to be precise. Time to make the most of it City and finish it off in style. Time to bring the title home again. COME ON YOU REDS!!!!!!!!!
  4. grecIAN Harris

    Eleven Years Ago Today.......

    .......... we effectively sent The Scummers down.
  5. grecIAN Harris

    Joe Root Resigns......

    ...... I suppose it was always coming. Who next?
  6. grecIAN Harris

    The Final League Position Prediction Thread

    March is almost upon us and we're into the last third of the season. Where do you think we're going to finish? Me........ I'm going all in. We're going up as 'kin Champions!!!! There will be punch and counter punch along the way but I just have a feeling that we saw the first falterings of...
  7. grecIAN Harris

    Ivor Doble

    I've just read on Facebook that Ivor Doble passed away today.
  8. grecIAN Harris

    The Official Warsaw versus Exeter City Matchday Thread

    It's been a while since I started one of these so as I'm still awake here goes........ C'MON YOU REDS!!!!!
  9. grecIAN Harris

    African Cup of Nations

    It started yesterday with hosts Cameroon winning 2-1 against Burkina Faso and what, on paper, sounds like a surprising victory for Cape Verde (who knew they had an international side) against Ethiopia, 1-0. I'm currently watching the side I have most interest in, Zimbabwe, against Sadio Mane's...
  10. grecIAN Harris

    Merry Christmas Exeweb

    I hope you and yours have a great day.
  11. grecIAN Harris

    Club Customer Service

    To often we hear about the bad things regards customer service anywhere but I thought I'd mention the great customer service by the Club this morning. Yesterday I went to purchase tickets online for the game. I went through the process to the end but on the final screen the payment button...
  12. grecIAN Harris

    Should We Follow The Italians Example?

    Given that Italy are leading the way in Europe at the moment, do we think that the Football League follow Serie A's latest idea?
  13. grecIAN Harris

    England Euro Squad

    Ungraciously nicked from the BBC website, who's in your 26, Go.......
  14. grecIAN Harris

    Are We On Sky Soon?

    I was just looking through our fixtures for the next month, I notice our game at Carlisle is a 1pm kick off hence the question in the title. It seems a very odd time for us to kick off at Carlisle at the end of January. Does anybody know anything?
  15. grecIAN Harris

    The Official Exeter City v AFC Fylde FA Cup 1st Round Matchday Thread

    Gone 6am and nobody has started one....... best I had then. C'mon you reds!!!!!!!
  16. grecIAN Harris

    Harry Holman

    I've just seen on Facebook that former City player Harry Holman has died of a heart attack.
  17. grecIAN Harris

    Well Done Chiefs

    The Chiefs are through to their first European Cup final after beating Toulouse this afternoon. They placing Racing who beat Saracens in the other semi final earlier.
  18. grecIAN Harris

    You're The Gaffer: Painpot Special.

    Right, let's get ahead of ourselves a little. We've won the semi, Matt has stuck to his tried and trusted formula of team made up of mainly squad players, a couple of emerging young uns and a couple first choice regulars, and we're off to Wembley. It's the first chance of silverware for the club...
  19. grecIAN Harris

    World Darts 2019

    Anybody with a spare fiver, bung it on Gary Anderson at 25-1. Ridiculous odds!!
  20. grecIAN Harris

    Randell Wins...…..

    ...... City's goal of the month for October with his deft little chip against The Scummers.