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    State of Play now the Window's Shut.

    With the window now shut, how do us Exewebbers feel the season will play out? Although to some degree I have some of the same feelings as I did last year at the end of January, I still feel we are in a better place than this time last season. Last year I was really disappointed with our...
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    Just to brighten up the day (Part 3)

    I'm superstitious so thought I better post again. Although I appreciated (and still do) all that Tis did for the club, this almost felt like a derby game and was a great performance with the team and fans as one!! Hopefully I will get to part 6 before the season is finished!!
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    Just to brighten up the day (Part 2)

    Well seeing how it just about worked for us on Tuesday night, here we go again. Probably the best SJP 360 that has been done and brings back some memories!!
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    Just to brighten up the day

    Stumbled across this tonight (US time) and thought I'd post before the tension of tomorrow/today takes hold of us all. To think this actually took place last season. Seems like it was years ago now! Come on City, 3 games to go...we can do this!