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  1. manc grecian

    For sale: Adult big bank ticket for Port Vale

    £10 if anyone is interested. First come first served.
  2. manc grecian

    Getting a beer

    Any chance of some more staff? Especially outside. Cheers.
  3. manc grecian

    That Lloyd James sub

    Deserves a thread of its own. Any guesses anyone?
  4. manc grecian

    Help me out here.

    There was a player who played semi pro in the conference having retired from professional football, due to injury, who didn't want promotion because he'd have to pay his compensation back Sure we played against him in the conference. Driving me mad.
  5. manc grecian

    BB entrance - turnstiles, Food kiosks and toilets

    Half hour to get food at half time. Maybe some more staff might help or Taggy can put his apron on.
  6. manc grecian

    Tannoys still ****

    Rubbish tisdale
  7. manc grecian

    Just for Ant.... bin or keep

    Regardless of contracts 1. Bobby....keep 2. Butterfield....bin 3. Woodman....bin 4. Noble....keep 5. McAllister....bin 6. Ribs....keep 7. Harley....keep 8. Oakley....bin 10. Holmes....keep 11. Davies....bin 13. Morrison....bin 14. Nichols....keep 15. JMT....Keep 16. Hoskins...If he's still...
  8. manc grecian


    Noble didn't appear for the second half No Sign of Oakley (can't keep up with his shift pattern) Butterfield crocked Ribiero missing. Oyeleke leg fallen off Hoskins deceased. Should we have got another body in last week?
  9. manc grecian

    Starting XI first game of next season

    God I'm bored. Anyway with the players we've got and blanks left for spaces you'd like filled. None of this he won't be here next season stuff GK: ????? RB: Ribs CB: JMT CB: ????? LB: ????? CM: Sercombe CM: ????? CM: Harley CF: Wheeler CF: Nicholls T CF: Holmes Subs: CRL, Davies, Watkins...
  10. manc grecian

    Luton v Wycombe

    Live on the Roger Melly tonight. Guess we want a Wycombe win.
  11. manc grecian

    Flybe Quiz

    In need of two, preferably intelligent, people for tomorrow's (Wednesday) quiz at the SJC. Been let down by some clown. It's a good laugh and gives you the opportunity to meet exeweb celebrity Joey (Banned). 7.30pm start and a fiver to enter (the quiz, not Joey) plus some beer money. I await...
  12. manc grecian

    The keep it tight for 70 mins then attack approach

    Do you think anybody at the club has informed the manager that it may not be working and might be part responsible for the ever decreasing crowds and lack of goals and thus victories?
  13. manc grecian

    This fella

    James Clifford John Keohane. Can someone explain why he's not played in months. Works his ******** of, first instinct is to go to goal and must be a right pain in the arse to play against. Perplexing.
  14. manc grecian


    Tisdales treatment of him is nothing short of a disgrace. If this is him developing youth players he can shove it. 2 mins in his correct position before being substituted and no doubt another 3 months on the bench.
  15. manc grecian

    Tisdales baffling signings XI

    Armstrong Ford Obersteller Bergqvist Ronnie Bull Jo Heath Rohan Rickets Anderson (the one who went to Italy who's dad is an agent.) Jo Burnell Fred Murray Can't think of any strikers apart from the loan ones. I make no apologies for getting their names wrong. Any more?
  16. manc grecian

    Post match interview bingo

    Solid for first half hour We are what we are Massive changes next week.
  17. manc grecian

    Exeweb Romantics

    Celebrating 10yrs with Mrs Manc next month and whisking away for the night for the best 3 mins of her life since last time. Anyone any recommendations? You know the sort of place, champers in the room, chocolates etc. Preferably with a spa type thing so I can bin her off for an hour or so...
  18. manc grecian

    Old boiler

    No its not Nurseys Birthday. I need a new one, not urgently but mine is dripping like Shabba with a Guiness in the Horse and Dray. So, how much and does anyone know of someone decent to do it. Cheers.
  19. manc grecian

    Argyles mystery Cornish investor unveiled

    Loves being involved with big piles of sh*te.
  20. manc grecian

    Friday 5 to choose

    Roast Chicken/Lamb Kangaroos/Koalas Last minute winner vs Argyle/comfortable 2-0 win vs Argyle Reeves & Mortimer/Morecambe & Wise Top corner volley/dink over keeper