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  1. Grecian68

    Taking the urine

    Interesting story from non-league football
  2. Grecian68

    Damage to Argyle’s pitch Hands up, which one of you was it? 😂😂
  3. Grecian68

    20-21 new shirts

    I’ve seen that our enemy is releasing what their kits will be for next season. Why don’t City do this? Selling them early would give the club some cash whilst this pandemic is going on.
  4. Grecian68

    Unusual replica shirt Don’t know if anyone is interested...
  5. Grecian68

    Is the club desparate for cash?

    An interesting option on the club shop website!
  6. Grecian68


    Looked at a tee shirt, then checked postage cost. Was given two options, either free collection from shop, or, next day delivery at a cost of £7.50. No normal delivery option. So, you either have to do a special trip to collect costing time and fuel, or, pay an extortionate postal cost, can...
  7. Grecian68

    Club shop merchandise

    Popped into the club shop last night, didn't think there was a lot in there. Are we missing a trick here, especially with the build up to Christmas?
  8. Grecian68

    Injured Ballboy

    Does anybody know how the ballboy that got injured on Saturday is? He tried to get out of the way but the two players clattered him by the IP Stand. He looked in a lot of discomfort, someone said he'd gone to hospital with an injured knee!
  9. Grecian68

    Bergoni 2002-2003 Home Shirt

    Was wondering what the sizing of this shirt is like. Does the Bergoni XL compare to the Sho XL?
  10. Grecian68

    Black Friday

    I think the Club Shop has missed a trick on Black Friday, they could have offered free postage as a Black Friday deal, think they'd have done some business from Grecian's that do not live in Exeter.
  11. Grecian68

    Overzealous Stewards

    Have heard reports that some of the Wembley stewards being a tad overzealous, is this correct? If so, bit of a shame but I suppose they take a zero percent policy on things.
  12. Grecian68

    Rude Jobsworth

    Has anyone had issue's with Security Supervisor Steve Hannaford? As a representative of our club that we fans are supposed to own, his customer service skills leave a lot to be desired.
  13. Grecian68

    Does the club not respond to critcism?

    In my opinion, the club's media manager responded to my criticism of the programme on Twitter by trying to pick an argument. Very defensive, bordering on aggressive! [URL=""] Have e-mailed 3 e-mail addresses @ the club to get it...
  14. Grecian68

    Rover's tannoy announcer

    Wasn't he good? Cracking a joke at Bristol City's expense. Leaving his mic switched on, so we hear what he was when he was singing at the ref. :D
  15. Grecian68

    Apparently, Exeter is like Ned Flanders!
  16. Grecian68

    Online Shop Postage

    How much do they charge? Is it per item or one price fits all?
  17. Grecian68

    F.A Cup Priority Tickets!

    This is on the club facebook page not all-ticket, but should we get to Round 3, it's better to have purchased for this one in advance if you want to guarantee your tickets for the next one! #ECFC Surely being a trust member and Gold gives us more priority than just buying a ticket for one...
  18. Grecian68

    Could Yeovil be in trouble? Are you concerned about the direction that Y.T.F.C is being taken in? Are you worried that your Club is likely to drop out of the Football League and not return for many a long year? Do you fear that it might become so bad...
  19. Grecian68

    Peter Fox Cleared of Gloving.
  20. Grecian68

    Purple pre match warm up shirt.

    Wondering if the club shop will be selling the purple pre match warm up shirt that the players were wearing before the game against Yeovil on Saturday?