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    1930's City Programmes in Auction

    There are three away programmes for sale in Monday's Football Memorabilia Sale at Stacey's Auctions in Essex (Oct 31st). 1/9/38 at QPR estimated at £45-65 17/2/34 at Gillingham estimate £170-190 2/11/38 v Arsenal Res estimate £100-120, a Southern League fixture played at Enfield (4 pages)...
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    Bringing Forward Saturday Kick Off Times

    I see that Mansfield have announced that their game on Oct 15th will now kick off at 13.00 in order to save on electricity costs. Should we be seriously considering a similar move ? Possibly this could have further ramifications such as allowing ifollow coverage ? :unsure:
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    Back on these boards ?

    With the Flouncing thread still currently locked, I just wish to record that it is nice to observe Stuck in Crawley "dipping his toes in the water" and 'liking' posts once again. One hopes that this is a presage to his return to full involvement in our community !
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    Local Cricket

    Looking a good bet for promotion at Alphington & Countess Wear, who racked up their eighth win of the season last weekend over Sidmouth. Matt Taylor scored 58 runs in what has been a prolific season so far. He has amassed 537 league runs at the staggering average of 179 thanks to five not outs...
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    Fan Engagement Index

    Guess who is top of the 92 ? See BBC sport football.
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    Official Matchday Thread Exeter City v Forest Green Rovers (H)

    Back to winning ways please lads. They might be vegans but just stuff them like turkeys !
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    The FA Chairman resigns after his latest controversy. Probably should have gone after the clandestine meetings to restructure the Premier League in favour of a few elite clubs but his latest racial "gaffes" have done for him !
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    Exeter City v Cambridge United (H) EFL D2 Match Day Thread

    Got to keep the run going, so three more points in the bag please City !
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    Danny Cowley at it again !

    See Danny Cowley was yellow carded in the first half at PNE. The offence was delaying the restart of the game (whilst arguing the toss with the officials )! According to reports on the PNE forum, at half time he pursued the ref down the tunnel and even into the ref's changing room (which is...
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    Total Domination "There's only one club in Devon"

    Lowe's Losers weren't the only Argo team to be put to the sword by the Mighty Grecians this weekend ! Rather appropriately it was 4-0 in matches too. To be fair the Argo U16's did manage to score 5 goals against us but conceded SEVEN in the process ! A total "GREENWASH" methinks !
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    EFL Cup Coverage on the BEEB

    Twenty minutes into tonight's game and no scores or updates on BBC Football site whatsoever. Show's their disregard for the competition.
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    Ben Chrisene

    According to the Sun, Frank Lampard has invited 15 year old Ben Chrisene to train with Chelsea. I know I should be delighted for him but I can't help thinking "Not that cheapskate load of thieving barstewards again" ! Did he even bother to consult us about this I wonder ?
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    Time for a sing song ?

    Shall we dust off that old Grecian classic, with a hearty rendition of "If I had the wings of a sparrow" ?
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    European Super Cup

    Dare say Creedy will be along a little later, after he's finished celebrating !
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    Inter Argyle

    Are Inter Argyle going to follow the example of their Italian counterparts and adopt Notts County's black and white stripes as their new home kit I wonder ?
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    Desperate Times in Demport !

    As the old tub Mayflower drifts rudderless around Drakes Island, it seems that no manager is interested in the "poisoned chalice" of steering it on a course to avoid the rocky waters of the Conference ! How can this possibly be, for what Janners would have us believe is such a "mahoosive" club ...
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    "Hanging on in quiet desperation....."

    ……"is the English Way" according to Pink Floyd but some Janners are now taking it to a new level. They are hoping against hope, that Bolton get liquidated to give their sorry ar$e$ a reprieve ! (facepalm) Just "bend over" and take it fellas ! (rofl)(rofl)(rofl)
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    Adams gone ?

    A post just made on Argyle's ADT forum claims Adams gone ! I can't find any other confirmation yet though. If true, I hope that the Greenies come up with a new pantomime villain to amuse us !
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    Adam's War with the Media intensifies !

    Now we all know that this comical Jock can't abide criticism but he took his War to new levels this afternoon. Not only did he fail to appear for his "contractual" post match press conference, but he even refused to be interviewed by Argo's own "in house" media as well ! Is there anyone left...
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    The Exeter Pubs Quiz

    Following the thread on Favourite Exeter Pubs, here is a little quiz. See how many you can identify (several but not all, were mentioned). 1. Regal Spanner ? (6) (3) 2. This one has a "secret garden". (5) (4) (5) 3. Reputably Exeter's smallest and noted historically for "lock...