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    Ampadu in Wales squad

    It is pretty amazing how football manages to survive whilst being run by the incompetent bunch of tw**s that is FIFA ! :p
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    FA Cup 2022/23

    John Coleman was present at the draw and was also somewhat circumspect in his comments ! ;)
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    Oxford Utd v Exeter City : FAC 2nd Round : MDT

    Did you get completely wasted after the debacle and sleep right through Sunday ? 😎
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    Former Players

    Cue the old "pistol in your pocket joke" ? :cool:
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    Former Players

    It is not a million miles from Hull to Rotherham, and I wouldn't be surprised if he is on a plane bound for Cyprus already ! :unsure:
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    Former Players

    Seems his goal celebration in front of the Big Bank in the thrashing of the Cornish has faded from several memories. I for one will carry on savouring that moment ! :)
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    Barnsley (H) Sat Jan 7th Postponed (Moved to Midweek)

    Given the glaring "holes" in our squad which presumably we are intending to address in the forthcoming window, I can't see any upside in bringing the match forward to December.
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    Politics Today

    And you must be one of those BOTS removed by Musk from twatter, and I claim my five bucks ! :cool:
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    Youth 22/23

    Scheduled date of 1st WC Semi final (19.00ko) which may put a dampener on the attendance ! :unsure:
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    2022 Exeweb Advent Calendar Quiz XVII: Prediction, Warm Up & General Discussion Thread

    Leather Bee - Weather Bulletin - Dr Dave and his matchday forecasts ?
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    WC 2022 Yay or "Meh"

    With their next game on Sunday against Spain, then another loss could leave them deep in the smelly stuff, not to mention "down in the mouth" in Dusseldorf. :)
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    Former Players

    You are Greavsie and I claim my five quid !
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    WC 2022 Yay or "Meh"

    Will likely be covering their whole heads in shame now, after subsequently losing the match 2-1 to Japan ! :p
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    Mince Pies the good the bad and the downright disgusting

    You are Mary Berry and I claim my five quid ! :cool:
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    Did you know...

    Qatar is a very 'Non U' territory.
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    Trust Forum - Tues 22 November

    As long as the number of members paying £2 per month(£24 p.a.) doesn't take the total beyond the threshold we are fine. As Isca explained, everything above that counts purely as a donation and doesn't count for VAT purposes.
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    Trust Forum - Tues 22 November

    Just like to add that the VAT issue is related to the threshold for contributions. The current situation is that no VAT is payable as we are beneath the threshold. Exceeding that would mean the entire sum would be "Vatable" not just the extra. It is not like income tax where you have a basic...
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    Premier League 22/23

    He can easily afford it, and his arrival was a nice little earner for the Glazers, who when the Club's share price jumped on his signing, moved quickly to sell off some shares ! #monopolymoney
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    Ampadu in Wales squad

    Ethan did our Academy proud with that performance on the World Cup stage.