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  1. iscalad

    Now TV

    Please move if necessary I can't make Saturday. I have watched us on NowTV before and was wondering if/how to record from it. I should be home early afternoon and could watch the recording as if it's live. Would I need to start the recording and leave the TV switched on? Or can it be recorded as...
  2. iscalad

    Squad Numbers

    Here you go
  3. iscalad

    Argyle matches

    Both starting at 12 noon
  4. iscalad

    Wimbledon 2022

    So, what are the odds that any Brits will still be playing at the weekend?
  5. iscalad

    A parade

    A parade is being held on Monday evening at 6pm down the High Street to the Guildhall. Definitely a promotion parade, but could it be even better......
  6. iscalad

    Goal of the season 21/22
  7. iscalad

    City clothing

    Not sure if this is OK to post here. Hants move or delete as you see fit...but
  8. iscalad

    Player of the Season 21/22

    Voting now open
  9. iscalad

    More technology

    Anyone else seen this?
  10. iscalad

    Fan lead review

    Surprised there is no thread on this. What are anyone's thoughts
  11. iscalad

    Crawley Town vs Exeter City Match Day Thread

    Middle of the morning and no thread. Oh Dear. Just subscribed to iFollow. Let's get a winning run started. UTC
  12. iscalad

    Fans Forum Monday 26th
  13. iscalad

    Exeter City Vs Newport County Matchday Thread

    Surely we can win this one. UTC
  14. iscalad

    Southend Fixture brought forward to 12:30
  15. iscalad

    Exeter City Vs Walsall Matchday Thread

    Need to get back to winning ways Hopefully s more attacking team selection.
  16. iscalad

    Newport County vs Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Can't see one. Playing in a ploughed field should be interesting. 3 points would be excellent.
  17. iscalad

    Tony Morrin

    Another one of our old players has passed away.😢
  18. iscalad

    Exeter City Vs Colchester United Matchday Thread

    Let's get back to winning ways. UTC
  19. iscalad

    Ryan Giggs

    Has he been a naughty boy again?
  20. iscalad

    Morecambe Vs Exeter City 6:30pm

    This is winnable if we play to our strengths. UTC