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  1. antman

    Home Attendances and Atmosphere

    While we've been in the third tier before - three spells of around three years each since I was a teenager - I cannot remember a time when the home attendances and atmosphere were at this kind of level. Is this going to be our record breaking year for attendances, or did we used to pull in more...
  2. antman

    Shrewsbury away Predictions and build-up

    Football is back on Monday, so we can safely assume this match goes ahead. The Shrews' form isn't too bad, some decent results so far and they've played mostly good teams. My cousin lives in Shrewsbury, and I have not so fond memories of seeing Alan Beer receive a career-ending injury there when...
  3. antman

    Newport County vs Exeter City, Matchday Thread

    I've never been to Newport, but I've been through it twice on the train. At least I think I have, because I seem to remember the train taking Exeter City fans to Anfield for the League Cup fixture against Liverpool in 1979 was inexplicably diverted through there. Maybe my mind is playing tricks...
  4. antman

    The next five weeks: the test of our squad

    Some people are saying, and I happen to agree, that our squad this season is deeper than ever. Because of the late start this term, we are facing a League Two midweek game hot on the heels of a Saturday game for four weeks out of the next five. Luckily there aren't too many really tough ones in...
  5. antman

    Taunton Town v Exeter City (pre season friendly), k.o. 6pm, screened live for free on Youtube

    aaargh sorry didnt see the other thread please forgive me.....
  6. antman

    Are Our Fans Too Polite?

    We went to Port Vale and lost a game we shouldn't have done a couple of weeks back, as I wasn't that impressed by Vale, although we of course made some stupid mistakes second half and lost control of a game we looked like coasting to victory in, in the first half anyway. One thing impressed me...
  7. antman

    Red card rescinded

    Apologies if this has appeared elsewhere
  8. antman

    Guardian article about youth development and Sparkes
  9. antman

    Exeter City v Bury matchday thread

    I'm quite drunk but I can't see a thread for this anywhere, excuse me if there is one already. Let's keep the football going today, it's been a pleasure to watch this team in recent weeks so let's see another good performance.
  10. antman

    Pierce Sweeney Love

    While Pierce may not be the best right back in the world defensively speaking, it is quite unbelievable how much he has added going forward in recent games. Constantly threatening down the right, his timing of runs and weighting of passes is amazing, the ball to Boateng for the assist on Nicky...
  11. antman

    Totally Football League Show

    {deleted link} {sigh} Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but one of our own is on this weekly podcast about the Football League in general. Had been meaning to listen for some time, and was surprised to hear a feature on us.
  12. antman

    Mansfield sixth goal against Accrington

    Pretty special
  13. antman

    Advertising boards and time wasting

    When the opposition are in the lead and defending the Big Bank, a good way to waste a few seconds is to kick the ball out of play over the advertising boards out of the ground. Didn't we use to have netting up there for that purpose and couldn't it be put up again? If not, we should have ball...
  14. antman

    Our fans are brilliant

    Getting the games on the live stream here has been amazing this season, especially of course because of our incredible form and performances, but one thing that has been occurring to me is how brilliant our fans are. This time last season we were heading towards one of the worst runs of results...
  15. antman

    City v Crewe prediction thread

    Really curious to see if Tis makes changes for this one. Based on the hard slog of last night, you would imagine that a change or two is possible. I'm wondering if Boateng will start, I think everyone wants him to and it would be great to see that. I predict we win by one goal again but that...
  16. antman

    Tagg statement on summer transfers

    Not a hell of a lot of information we didn't know already, but there is a clear statement that the Wheeler numbers are undisclosed at QPR's request, that some people doubted was really the case. good that our kit man got the new players the right size shirts, I actually thought that detail was...
  17. antman

    Most common City player surname in history

    Just remembered that Andy Taylor was playing for us when Tis took over. There have been three other Taylors during his reign, if you include Jordan Moore - Matt and Jake being the other two. With Shaun Taylor also having been a big player for us, I was wondering if there are any other common...
  18. antman

    ABBA penalty shoot out format

    Any thoughts on the new ABBA format for penalty shoot outs? Will it make much of a difference? I mean the winner will still take it all...
  19. antman

    Kellow's Bootlaces - Play Off Special

    Getting in the mood for Sunday with this one. Great stuff.
  20. antman

    Exeter City v Colchester United matchday thread

    Always enjoy my days at SJP, win, lose or draw and very much looking forward to this one.