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  1. wiveygrecian

    Exeter City v Harrogate prediction and discussion thread

    Massive game this again to back up a tremendous away win at Bradford. I just hope we start on the front foot which hasn’t happened very often recently in home matches . Harrogate will be decent and of course we have Huxtable in charge too which won’t help us!!!!
  2. wiveygrecian

    Get a CENTRE back in now!!!

    What a shambles again, Tiswas is doing my head in!!! 5 Defenders playing today , Butterfield is a right back, Woodman is a left back, Ribeiro is a right back ,Moore-Taylor is a left back and Davies is a left midfielder!! Get a bloody centre back in to head the ball and defend for Christ sake or...
  3. wiveygrecian


    Well the injury situation gets worse and worse. Pat Baldwin.....out for an minimum of 6 months Liam Sercombe...out for 3-4 weeks David Wheeler....out for 3-4 weeks Jordan Moore-Taylor....out for several weeks by the sound of it Craig Woodman...out at the moment David Noble....out at the moment...
  4. wiveygrecian

    Peter Whiston

    Just had a message from Pete on facebook, it's his birthday today(44). He said he still checks City's results all the time and to pass on his best wishes to all the City supporters. Also said he had great times down at City. Favourite moment scoring against Argyle on Boxing Day(2-0 win ,early 90's)
  5. wiveygrecian

    Walsall v. Exeter City replay prediction thread

    I will go 1-1, with us winning 4-2 on pens.!
  6. wiveygrecian

    Mersey Masters on Sky

    The Mersey Masters in on Sky tomorrow afternoon and our former player Andy Roscoe is playing for Liverpool ! Apparently Mark Walters is injured and Andy has been called up!
  7. wiveygrecian

    Average away support

    Can anyone please tell me what was our average away support following City during the past season.
  8. wiveygrecian

    Rochdale away

    Right nice trip to Spotland next saturday, enjoyed it there in league 2 . 5 of us from Taunton going.
  9. wiveygrecian

    Artur Krysiak to start against Brighton YES or NO

    Definate yes from me , give Jonesy a rest and lets see what Krysiak can do.
  10. wiveygrecian

    City Foundation

    Is there any chance the official website could update the winners page on the City Foundation. Last updated for July, 2-3 months ago
  11. wiveygrecian

    Thats now 4 Welsh Internationals!!

    Andy Marriott 5 caps Richard Duffy 13 caps Rob Edwards 4 caps Daniel Nardiello 3 caps That aint bad for a league 1 side!