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  1. fred binneys head

    Exeter City vs Ipswich Town match day thread

    Here we go then, I’m going for my hat trick of wins this season after two comebacks against Fleetwood and Peterborough. The moral of the story today then is: if we go behind, don’t panic, FBH has started the thread, City will come back and win. Gonna be a tough one though, Ipswich are a good...
  2. fred binneys head

    Exeter City vs Peterborough United matchday thread

    My last one was a success so hopefully I’ll continue the good run. Good crowd, embarrassing following from The Posh, strong performance, big bank rocking, 3-0 win please. Geddon City.
  3. fred binneys head

    Exeter City vs Fleetwood Town match day thread

    OK, I’m back in the saddle after a solid performance a couple of weeks ago, looking to continue my good form. This will be a tough one though, Fleetwood will be difficult to break down so I’m looking for an early goal, then another couple before half time, then another two or three shortly...
  4. fred binneys head

    Forest Green Rovers vs Exeter City match day thread

    Go on then, I’ll step up for my first ‘thread start’ of the season because I’ve got a good feeling about this one. Safe travels to the marauding Grecian army and good luck to the boys - bring us back the points lads, with no injuries and no yellows or reds please 👍 COYR.
  5. fred binneys head

    The morning after the day before

    Well, it’s Sunday and we can now reflect on the season just gone. Got to admit, I’m still gutted that we didn’t win the title. Not so much for myself either, more for the players, for KMT and for my son who was so desperate for us to be crowned champions. I said before the game that we’d lose...
  6. fred binneys head

    Exeter City vs Rochdale match day thread

    Here we go then, I’ve started it. About to set off from Derby for what I’m hoping will be an amazing day out. A comprehensive City win and Rovers, Sutton, Northampton, Mansfield and Tranmere all failing to win, plus a slap up meal at Rockfish. COYR.
  7. fred binneys head

    Port Vale (H) ticketing arrangements

    I know I’m early. But Vale fans are already buying tickets for their end, will no doubt sell out and will then start buying tickets for our end. If there’s anything riding on this game for them, they’ll bring a load so I hope the club have ways of minimising the risk of Vale fans getting into...
  8. fred binneys head

    Exeter City vs Stevenage Match Day Thread

    Not started one of these in a while, hope the team play well, score early, destroy Stevenage and send the fat [email protected] Fatty McFatFat back home with his ample tail between his legs. COYR.
  9. fred binneys head

    Trust questionnaire

    Not sure who to let know about this so thought I'd post it on here. I'm just answering the Trust questionnaire that was emailed to me and Q40 is written incorrectly, the question says "What should the Trust concentrate on delivering to its members?" but the answers relate to a different question...
  10. fred binneys head

    Happy Pancake Day

    What’s your favourite then? I’m a traditional lemon juice and sugar man myself, although I wouldn’t say no to a Nutella every now and then.
  11. fred binneys head

    EFL Trophy vs Chelsea U21 - build up

    Assume this game is still going ahead? I may well be travelling to this one from my holiday in Newquay. Is the club shop open before matches?
  12. fred binneys head

    Thread disappeared

    My "Jokull's back!" thread has disappeared - are we not allowed gags any more? I thought it was up there with LOG's famous "Whittingham signs!" thread but it's been consigned to Exeweb's dustbin. #StillFuming
  13. fred binneys head

    Reaction score

    What’s this all about then?
  14. fred binneys head

    The opposition’s views

    Thought it would be good to have a thread where we can see what the opposition thought of the game. Could be interviews with managers or players, match reports or comments from forums. Let’s start with Mark Cooper after today’s 1-1 draw with Forest Green:
  15. fred binneys head

    Salford away next Saturday

    I've had a look on Google Earth and I reckon if you stand on Moor Lane (the one that looks over the stadium) you can see the pitch through the stand. Anyone fancy going up next Saturday and supporting the lads from the road? I'm only half-joking about this, there's a pretty clear view of the...
  16. fred binneys head

    Post virus songs

    Ok, the situation is tough, for some more than others, but it will end and we will watch City again. So, let’s use this time to think of some songs for when we’re back. I’ll start us off with a couple: 1. (Whenever anyone coughs) You’re supposed to be at home 2. If you’ve all got the virus...
  17. fred binneys head

    Portsmouth away (EFL Trophy Semi-final)

    Many going to this? I'll be there - I'm not bothered about this boycott thing, it's a semi-final and Fratton Park is a new ground for me. Will anyone else be there?
  18. fred binneys head - not secure?

    For some reason when I open Exeweb now, it says it’s “not secure”. Only started this morning - any ideas what it means and whether I need to worry?
  19. fred binneys head

    Life’s simple pleasures

    We’ve got threads on little things that annoy you and amuse you, but what about those little things in life that make you feel good for a few seconds? I’ll start - opening the foil on a new instant coffee jar and smelling the coffee.