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  1. Red Monster

    Barton Mouthing off

    Barton mouthing off in the Bristol Post about how he had verbals with our bench and said he would buy the club and put them all out of a job, saying we’re a fan owned club and he’s wealthy. Also said Exeter is miles from anywhere and s*** location for young footballers. Utter T*** hope we stuff...
  2. Red Monster

    Rob Edwards joins Watford

    FGR manager is joining Watford as there new manager. it seems it’s been done behind FGR backs with Watford telling Edwards not to tell Dale Vince , according to Vince .
  3. Red Monster

    St.James’ Road (Away End)

    With four of our five remaining against Teams what won’t bring more than 150 fans, it would be great if the club would open up it for the home fans. It Shouldn’t be much of a problem to move them into the IP Stand other clubs do it . Would help the team greatly to have us in all four sides.
  4. Red Monster

    Contrasting November & December

    November fixtures all very winnable Bradford (a) fa cup Bristol R (H) Efl Trophy Oldham. (H) L2 Carlisle. (H) L2 Colchester (A) L2 Rochdale. (A) L2 December slightly more tricky!! Northampton. (H) L2 Tranmere (H) L2 Port Vale. (A). L2 Swindon. (H) L2 FGR. (A) L2
  5. Red Monster

    Wish List

    So who do we fancy out There to bring in. I‘ll throw a few names in the ring ,but ready to be shot down !! Strikers - Harry Smith,Scott Quigley,Kabongo Tshimanga,Ollie Palmer, Conor McAleny and of course ( Paul Mullins 😉 ) Midfielders - Adam Phillips , Sean Goss and Dylan Bahamoula...
  6. Red Monster

    Football Focus

    Matt Taylor is on Football Focus today 12pm .
  7. Red Monster

    Below the National League

    All Football results below the National League for the current season have been Expunged. Could be ominous for the Football League.
  8. Red Monster

    This is beyond a joke

    What a disgrace with all the cash sloshing around in the top flight Of English football, the compensation is beyond a joke. I didn’t realise the amount of money we receive is tiny, why would The football authorities allow this to happen ( Silly question I know) Our academy is a category 3...
  9. Red Monster

    Matt nominated

    Matt has been nominated for League two manager of the month for August,result is announced on Friday.
  10. Red Monster

    Perfect scenario

    FGR. 4 City 4 ( same result as 2007/8 last game at Burton) Kevin Ellison 1 Newport 0 Yeovil 0 Carlisle 5 Lincoln 3 Colchester 4 Stevenage 8 Cheltenham 0 Final table 7th Exeter City. 70pts. +11 8th Carlisle Utd. 70pts. +10 9th Colchester. 70pts. +10 10th Stevenage. 70pts...
  11. Red Monster

    Best Home end

    Nice words from James Richards of the D3D4 podcast he runs and came down to watch Us yesterday ,and to meet up with the Oldham correspondent . They both reckon the Big Bank is the best home end in L1/2 and was really bouncing yesterday, Waituntil the playoffs and it will be very special.;)
  12. Red Monster

    Ben Chrisene
  13. Red Monster

    New signings on the way!!

    Good to hear Tis wants to bring a couple of new signings in January to push for promotion. Before for you ask that’s what the man himself has said in today’s E&E .
  14. Red Monster

    Big bank roof

    About 15 minutes into the match there was a loud bang and a gust of wind seem to move the roof covering at the front of the roof. The more worrying aspect was the red iron girders started bouncing it only lasted less than 10 seconds it seems It was where the new floodlights were situated. Some...
  15. Red Monster

    One more away win

    No messing around win at Hartlpool and that will be a new club record !(tisdale)
  16. Red Monster

    E&E Six strikers

    The six strikers the Echo thinks we should be looking at!
  17. Red Monster

    Keep Noble fit

    David Noble changed the game when he came on so composed on the ball and finding pockets of space and picking out Passes ,top man!
  18. Red Monster

    Credit to Tis

    We all know our terrible home form over last few seasons,with the amount of post alone by Credy detailing it constantly could have turned it into a novel. But our away form is very impressive, in the history of Exeter City FC in League football only on four occasions have we won more than...
  19. Red Monster

    BT Sport 4th round

    BT have announced they are showing City/Liverpool v West Ham Saturday 30th 4:45pm.
  20. Red Monster

    Tis on 5 live now

    Tis is on 5 live now