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  1. John William

    Players' data

    Footballers demand compensation over 'data misuse' - BBC News This is interesting. I has vaguely wondered about whether players agree this data collection as part of their employment and who is responsible for ensuring it is accurate, but apparently not and no-one.
  2. John William

    Is Ryan Bowman unfairly treated?

    You have to change the terms of the debate. Matt T is suggesting that RB is being targeted and penalised for actions which opposition players get away with. I tend to agree, but it's just possible I may not be impartial... Ryan Bowman: Exeter City striker is 'a marked man', says boss Matt...
  3. John William

    McArdle's euphemisms

    Rory McArdle: Exeter City defender pleased to be back after freak injury - BBC Sport This made me chuckle.
  4. John William

    Are ECFC vulnerable to the trend of British Players moving to Europe

    A 16 year old from Cambridge United has signed for AS Roma. They paid only £70K in compensation. I wonder if we are vulnerable to this sort of hoovering up of talent?
  5. John William

    Safe Standing About time. Rail seats are MUCH safer than people standing up in conventional seated areas. Especially at grounds like Luton, Pompey and others...
  6. John William

    ECFC v Newport Attendance

    Assuming the turnout on Boxing Day is at least 5,590 (which looks a pretty safe bet) that will take the average for the first 12 games of the season to 5,000. That is of course bumped up by the Argyle game but it's nonetheless a pretty healthy increase. The only really below-par gate was for...
  7. John William

    Loans to L1 and L2 clubs

    Now that the PL / Championship window is closed, loans of younger / less favoured players from the top clubs to us riff-raff now come into play. We still clearly need RB cover. I don't expect we can attract Wilson back from WBA, they probably want him to go to a L1 club. But Matt is one hopes...
  8. John William

    Rules Changes from 1st June.

    We have been discussing these elsewhere on Exeweb, but they probably deserve a thread of their own. The IFAB (amusingly, stlll run by the 4 home football association rather than FIFA) who decide the laws of the Game are making more changes to the rules for next season, especially to handball...
  9. John William

    Away attendance statistics

    This doesn't carry over the layouts properly but the numbers are unaffected. So far the official numbers form the away grounds reveal that we have had 9,306 away attendances for an average of 443 a game, ranging from 123 at Lincoln to 1328 at Yeovil. Assuming we get say 400 at Stevenage and...
  10. John William

    Remaining Fixtures

    These are the fixtures of the top 9. A lot of banana skins for everyone, but we only play 2 of the others: Lincoln 23.03. Crawley Lincoln 30.03. Lincoln Macclesfield 06.04. MK Dons Lincoln 13.04. Lincoln Cheltenham 19.04. Carlisle Lincoln 22.04. Lincoln Tranmere 27.04. Newport Co...
  11. John William

    Inglethorpe @ Liverpool - Steven Gerrard Interview

    This is an interesting piece. "I still speak to Alex Inglethorpe (LFC Academy Director) quite a bit," Amusingly, if the rumors are true he was offered the job of manager at MK in...
  12. John William

    Block A for the Yeovil game.

    Half of Block A now released for sale, as the rest of the stands are almost sold out. Should be a great atmosphere on Boxing Day with well over 5K in attendance. Let's just hope for a good win. With 4 home and only 2 away games coming up we have a great chance to reel in the top three.
  13. John William

    Sol Campbell to Macclesfield?

    Might add a bit of interest to Tuesday night's game.
  14. John William

    New SKy / EFL deal

    Worth £595M over 5 years, apparently. Details are sketchy but if the current 80:12:8 split between Championship, L1 and L2 clubs continues this will mean our share should increase to just over £400K p.a. (595M x 0.08 / 5 / 23 = 0.414) However the...
  15. John William

    Exeter City's fame spreads

    I ws sat in a cafe in a tiny bay on a tiny Greek island this morning. A man asked where I am from and when I said Exeter he responded "Ah, Exeter City, the Grecians"!
  16. John William

    Redevelopment Plans

    In order to stop the interminable guesswork, here is the main plan of how SJP will look after the redevelopment. Mod please make this a sticky.
  17. John William

    Wycombe v. Coventry tonight

    Assuming it goes ahead (they have undersoil heating, and say on Twitter it's OK to play), I guess we want a draw or a Coventry win tonight?
  18. John William

    Kane Wilson / Lloyd James yellow Cards

    I see he is suspended for two games, as this was his second red for two yellows. I see also that James has 10 yellows, has he already had a suspension for one game,?
  19. John William

    Managerial Mery-go-Round part 94...

    I see Grimsby have sacked Russell Slade after 10 months. Interestingly he was on a 6 month rolling contract. This follows Cambridge forcing Derry out last week.
  20. John William

    Exeter City "Setting the Bar" for transfers

    Darren Sarll, Manager of Stevenage: "To me, Exeter City set the bar for us all in League Two with the sale of 19-year-old Matt Grimes at £1.75m and they did it again with Ollie Watkins last season at £1.8m. "This is the value of a young lad today with Premier League potential, no matter what...