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    Jevani Brown

    Suspended initially (like Jevani) but played whilst on bail...........
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    Welcome Sam Stubbs (and Cheerio)

    Spot on and the only Stubbs post you need
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    Goal keeper required (Jökull Andrésson signs!)for Morecambe and back for Exeter! Signs for Stevenage

    Looks like Ward mutually agreed to the termination of his contact at Sutton yesterday - surely he'd only do that if he had a club lined up? Obviously as he is out of contract, he can sign outside the window If it is us though its a bit odd as everyone has gone since he was here before so he has...
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    OFF: ECFC V Barnsley : MDT 24th January 7.45pm

    I feel your pain - I travelled some distance (not NYC tho) for a game against Port Vale a few years back and I think that was off because of supporter safety not even the pitch - fuming!!!
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    John Yems Leaves The Club

    Another good 'un.....
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    John Yems Leaves The Club

    Went back to the first page of this thread and there's a few like this.................little did we know eh?
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    ECFCST FANS FORUM Thursday 19th January 2023 at SJP

    Can someone give us bullet points of the important issues brought up / discussed please
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    League 1 Top Earners

    Anyone know if any of these are reliable? Some odd ones stand out: Sweens resigned from Swindon on £800 a week? Never Jack Sparkes on over £2k a week - why would we do that? Harper - whatever % we are paying makes him the biggest waste of money going
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    Loan watch 22-23

    Not sure the club could win - say you've suspended then released him and you have to say why, say nothing and get panned for saying nothing I suspect if it was that serious an issue that it'll come out at a later date We all want to know what happened because humans are inherently nosey but we...
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    Former Players

    I assume so on the "Former Players" thread
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    Former Players

    First Team Manager and Head of Football I believe Article said he'd been coaching at Barnet so doing ok without Tis
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    Oxford United - New Years Day 2023

    Nor mine and it was ordered on 11th December!!! Have emailed the club ([email protected] address) but heard nothing.............
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    Trust Forum - Tues 22 November

    Can we have a useable link that allows us to watch the whole thing back please
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    Scott Brown joins as player GK coach

    The ideal back up is a youngster on loan from a club higher up as its cheap and, realistically, they aren't going to play unless Jamal gets injured during a game. That allows our actual future keeper to go out and play on loan as he was doing. The problem thee is that clubs probably wont loan us...
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    FA Cup 2022/23 Second Round Draw

    It is!!! Just a shame that the bottom corner is obscured as I'd like to see what Stadium Way looked like before.............
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    Assistant Manager appointment

    However much people rave about loving being an Academy coach, everyone wants to work with the First Team and realistically, having had the experience / exposure KN has now had at that level, he was never going to go back to the U18s job. Probably quite rightly as you've got to do it with...
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    Loan watch 22-23

    Correct. And as long as the club we loan him too cover all, or nealy all his wages, we have covered ourselves for no cost
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    Former Players

    Hendon are a mess tho and had their GK sent off after 17 minutes..........
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    The Next Exeter City First Team Manager Thread

    The length of the contract is an irrelevance, its how much the pay off is that counts. Pardew for a 10 year deal at Newcastle - didnt get 10 years money when he left. The compo should probably a years money even if the contract is for three years
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    Harry Lee

    Which would suggest its not Kev? Think its a shame he's had to be recalled just to bench warm. At his age, for his development and so he can be more use to us, the more adult competitive football he plays the better Whoever the manager is will play Blackman so Harry isnt coming back to be...