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  1. rightwing

    Jevani Brown

    I've got a mate who's a magistrate, I'll try to find out what the consequences could be.
  2. rightwing

    'Cans for City' - revived

    Always reported that he lives in Exeter but not disputing you.
  3. rightwing

    'Cans for City' - revived

    Never mind Andy, I've currently got about 500 of my own at home (mainly soft drinks!!)
  4. rightwing

    'Cans for City' - revived

    Just arrived home from Wetherspoons in Plympton. Have we any connection with Tim Martin that could prove fruitful?
  5. rightwing

    Sonny Cox

    He's had the chance to go to several clubs but has just stated that he wants to stay and fight for his place at Charlton.
  6. rightwing

    Exeweb age census

    Needs to be more specific when you get to my age!
  7. rightwing

    Exeweb age census

    Where's the 80+ column ?!!
  8. rightwing

    Demetri Mitchell signs on for City

    BBC sport is saying it's a free transfer
  9. rightwing

    OFF: ECFC V Barnsley : MDT 24th January 7.45pm

    I remember in the old days that we had a local referee make an early pitch inspection to avoid people travelling unnecessarily. Why doesn't ot happen now?
  10. rightwing

    Gary's January Transfer Window

    Arnold Mitchell
  11. rightwing

    Mattie Pollock in on loan?

    The deal still looked on yesterday Exeter City Set To Win Race For Championship Defender – The Real EFL
  12. rightwing

    St. James Park - Championship Ground

    The main trick that we missed was in not building a new foundation retaining wall closer to the pitch which would have enabled the stand to be a lot longer, The Doble stand was originally set back to allow the whole pitch to be moved in that direction and space was left on the Stansfield side...
  13. rightwing

    St. James Park - Championship Ground

    Plympton and Plymstock were originally separate towns but both were incorporated into Plymouth with a boundary extension in 1967. From memory I think this was achieved under a private axt of Parliament.
  14. rightwing

    Compare and Contrast Exeter City 1994 to 2022

    Martin, 600 is certainly my recollection as I was obviously very keen to see what the exercise produced at that time. And, didn't the Trust membership jump to over 4,000 shortly afterwards?
  15. rightwing

    Compare and Contrast Exeter City 1994 to 2022

    In 2007 whilst on the Trust Board I organised a drop of approximately 60,000 leaflets in the East Devon area, complete with a form to join the Trust. There were approximately 50 volunteers (mainly from Exeweb) who agreed to do the drop and each was given a map detailing the streets to be...
  16. rightwing

    SJP capacity

    I certainly have a way of financing this project at no cost to the Club. I'll discuss it with Nick Hawker at some time in the near future.
  17. rightwing

    The Next Exeter City First Team Manager Thread

    When Tisdale was appointed there were certainly Trustees on the interviewing panel.
  18. rightwing

    Bringing Forward Saturday Kick Off Times

    In thinking about the Cliff Hill energy situation again I have come to the conclusion that the optimum situation would be to use wind power. I say this for the following reasons:- Solar generation declines in winter whereas wind generation would be at its highest. This is obviously at a time...
  19. rightwing

    Sides on the Bank

    Ant, it could perhaps be done using brick infills at the sides. Taking these to to roof could be used as additional support for the roof.