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  1. Nigel E

    The Serious Torquay Thread

    YouTube is a great thing My recollection of the equaliser (on 1:10) is not too bad.
  2. Nigel E

    The Serious Torquay Thread

    They lived a charmed life, for sure. I was at Plainmoor for the infamous day in the mid-80s when they escaped relegation with a goal in injury time against Crewe created by the stoppage time caused by a police dog biting Jim McNichol (ex-Grecian). There was something slightly fishy about that...
  3. Nigel E

    The Serious Torquay Thread

    This was when Mike Bateson still owned Torquay. Bateson was unpopular down there because he ran such a "tight ship" financially, but he kept them afloat. And he would have been the one to sanction this generosity, I think. The lottery winner and his mates who came after him were more...
  4. Nigel E

    Jevani Brown

    This situation is very sad but far from simple. There are at least three reasons why remaining in employment, but not being "on public duties" is likely to be the right approach in these circumstances. - A charge/conviction of this nature (probably non-custodial) *might* not be sufficient to...
  5. Nigel E

    Supporter Report 2021-2022

    Yes, the full precise wording is a bit opaque: "Costs incurred due to sale’ were sell-on clauses due to the club from where ECFC purchased or transferred the player". Perhaps the last part of the sentence could include costs incurred by the club to whom the player was transferred by City (i.e...
  6. Nigel E

    Accounts (year end 2022)

    Hah, yes, remembered this at the same time as you!
  7. Nigel E

    Accounts (year end 2022)

    Also, last season we had bits and pieces of prize money from the Pizza Trophy. Contriving to have three matches in the 1st Round of the FA Cup also helped with gate receipts! Edit: actually, I seem to remember we gave away our share of the third match to charity. As you were.
  8. Nigel E

    Jevani Brown

    First, I have no idea what Jack Arthur did. After all he is/was our third best youth goalkeeper. Sounds like the Club have distanced themselves from him to a much greater extent than with Jevani, which is all I need to know. As to the Terrace, I am all for sticking up for my mates - like...
  9. Nigel E

    Jevani Brown

    I suspect that most ordinary clubs would now take the approach our Club has taken. First, I'd be surprised and disappointed if the Club hadn't had a strong word with the whole squad about their expectations of off-field behaviour following the Terrace incident. Whatever the precise...
  10. Nigel E

    Jevani Brown

    There's quite a few references on this thread to Jevani being suspended by the club. This isn't true as far as I can tell, he's still training, and being paid presumably. It's a pedantic but important distinction. There are many spheres of employment where, when an employee is facing charges...
  11. Nigel E

    Paul Scholes Man Utd shirt vs the Grecians

    It sold for £1,100 in the end. The buyer would also have to pay around £220 in commission to the auctioneer.
  12. Nigel E

    Lincoln City home - Discussion & Prediction Thread

    On the face of it, they seem to be a dour side, so could be a test of patience. But - like for the Cambridge home game - we benefit from playing a side that had a fairly long away trip in midweek while we were on the training ground. Also I noticed that Lincoln could only name 5 subs on the...
  13. Nigel E

    Plymouth Tickets (H)

    Definitely the fairest (and simplest) way would be to give preference to those with the lowest priority number. This idea has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that my priority number is based on unbroken Trust membership since 2002...
  14. Nigel E

    St Lukes vs Wycombe - 1967

    In today's parlance, he provided the assist for Alan Banks
  15. Nigel E

    The official Exeter City v Cambridge United matchday thread

    Jesus, that table is incredible. And bloody goal average as well, that system was nuts. Anyway, as for this season we need to stop looking at the league table. We aren't going to go down, and we're not going up. Just relax and...
  16. Nigel E

    Is Project 6000 and sustainability in L1 compatible with selling our "Gems"?

    The new stand makes a huge difference. I liked the quirky old stand, but most people want an unimpaired view and modern loos. Also the catering has improved - these things really matter to the uncommitted. And for a lot of people it's not just about seeing a winning team, the standard of...
  17. Nigel E

    Youth 22/23

    Seem to remember Caldwell saying something about wanting to rectify the lack of an under 23 side at the club. (Partly a consequence of a number of players like Dyer, Dodd etc being released last summer, I suppose). So maybe a one or two more will get kept on to provide the foundation for that?
  18. Nigel E

    Paul Scholes Man Utd shirt vs the Grecians

    The lot description suggests that it originally belonged to Marcus Martin. "Scholes swapped the jersey at the end with Exeter player Marcus Martin during his spell on loan with the Grecians from parent Club Plymouth Argyle. it is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the player stating...
  19. Nigel E

    Paul Scholes Man Utd shirt vs the Grecians

    Will be interesting to see how much this shirt makes at auction:
  20. Nigel E

    Harry Lee

    Given we're playing away to Sheff Weds and Ipswich in late April - (Argyle's promotion rivals) - maybe we should play our keeper from the under-9s between the sticks for those games?