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  1. Martin Lawrence

    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    There is a sell on. I would think he is worth 20m
  2. Martin Lawrence

    The Serious Torquay Thread

    The games are usually decent, but the pubs are generally pretty pants. Then I would say that as a pin badge wearing, Ale drinking programme ticking city fan 😉.
  3. Martin Lawrence

    Summer Transfer Thread 2023

    I think there will be a surprise or two in terms of players staying/leaving. An exciting time for City to be sure.
  4. Martin Lawrence

    Summer Transfer Thread 2023

    There's no way in a million years Cheick is going out on loan.
  5. Martin Lawrence

    Joe White in on loan

    Very true. I do like his body positioning on the ball though. Can go either way at the drop of a hat. Couldn't fight his way out of a crisp packet though, sadly.
  6. Martin Lawrence

    Harry Kite

    I thought Harry was excellent yesterday. Love his simple game. He is very effective.
  7. Martin Lawrence

    The Serious Torquay Thread

    I'm not sure I agree that TQ is a good away day really. The only good thing is you are home quick after the game.
  8. Martin Lawrence

    James Scott signs

    Thought he played really well when he came on. Took his goal well, and led the line well too.
  9. Martin Lawrence

    Josh Key...

    I thought the same.
  10. Martin Lawrence

    The Serious Torquay Thread

    To be honest Pete, I know a few Gulls fans who now consider themselves regulars at ECFC. They have just had enough at TUFC. Partly due to the ownership and partly because they are generally not very good.
  11. Martin Lawrence

    League 1 News 22-23

    I love a real ale me. Not so fussed on pin badges though. Don't buy programmes either. One our of three aint bad 😀!
  12. Martin Lawrence

    Jevani Brown

    Whilst I understand that there are those wanting him sacked now, we must remember that the club has legal obligations in respect of Jevani. These obligations are enshrined through his employment contract and via health and safety laws. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever, that the Club have...
  13. Martin Lawrence

    The impossible job

    Probably safer for him to do porridge instead 😀
  14. Martin Lawrence

    How Long Before Matt Taylor Is 'Relieved Of His Duties'?

    I think he will keep them up too.
  15. Martin Lawrence

    Josh Key...

    Josh has all the attributes to succeed at a higher level than L1. That doesn't mean he will. Ultimately clubs gamble based on the stats and on instinct. His stats are decent, he is relatively experienced for a young player, and has come from a club with a track record for developing players...
  16. Martin Lawrence

    James Scott signs

    Indeed. Strikers need games. It will be difficult for Scott to get those minutes when we have Nombe in the team, though a few more performances like Sayurday, and he might find he gets more chances to shine.
  17. Martin Lawrence

    Hospitality 2022/23

    I'm the same. I like football but love City. Not everyone loves the Club they watch regularly.
  18. Martin Lawrence

    Will Aimson joins on a permanent contract

    Agreed. He was relatively poor on Saturday. That said, I think he has credit in the bank.
  19. Martin Lawrence

    Former Players

    I wouldn't be aversed either, if the wages were right.
  20. Martin Lawrence

    Hospitality 2022/23

    In fairness, I know a couple of TUFC fans who now come regularly to City. That is mostly as they can't be arsed to go to Torquay, as they live in Exeter.