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    Good luck Stanno!

    I would like to express my good luck to Stanno and his family as he would need plenty of support from his family and friends after the major operation to sort out his bowel and prevent any further spread of the cancer which it would be less likely to happen. I would like to see a fit Stanno...
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    Am shocked to hear that Stanno got his diagnosis, it must be a terrible shock to him, but hope that he will fight it. Glad to see that he'll get plenty of support from the fans, as I reckon it would be a confidence booster for him. Get well Stanno. Cheers KevsyBurky (Deaf ECFC Fan in Exile)
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    Swindon v Exeter Prediction Thread

    Hi all this is a toughie game 2 predict myself, but I am hoping for a good result for the Grecians - probably 1 - 2 (Corr, Harley) but that depends on how they will put on a good show in front of the TV as I'll planning to watch with a fellow ECFC fan in Newport town centre (mwallace) if it can...
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    What do you do as a Job

    Am working as part of a team in the post room dealing with incoming / outgoing post at a DWP department in Cardiff, it is ok 4 me to do that job! UTC KevsyBurky
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    An Ex-Grecians signs for Newport County AFC!!!

    To Jolboy U r welcome anytime, and if u want any more info about the other areas, like Pentwyn is near Cardiff which is on the A48(M) which directly connected to Junction 29 on the M4 too. U want to PM me anytime, but bear in mind that I am a deaf person then! :) UTC! KevsyBurky
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    An Ex-Grecians signs for Newport County AFC!!!

    To Jolboy There are other areas outside of Cardiff, from the east of Newport, is Llanrumney, St Mellons, Castleton which is situated on the A48 which can connect to the M4 too, but I wish you good luck in the move to South Wales, just like I did almost 5 years ago which I have moved there from...
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    An Ex-Grecians signs for Newport County AFC!!!

    Hello fellow ECFC Fans! I noticed on the Newport County Website in the news page, and I thought that I'd post it on in here, as I am a deaf ECFC fan livin in exile in Newport, South Wales, thus Newport County is the local team in the town! Any thoughts on this? This extract is in the News...
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    Yowvil perdiction tread

    Might that City would win 2 - 1, but not sure who will score these 2 goals as I am a ECFC fan in exile living in South Wales at the moment! KevsyBurky