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    Argiggle v Exeter Official Matchday Thread

    Are we riddled with injury still or is this a 'clever' or 'smart' move by Tis? Can't believe that if Ribs, Tom and Holmes are fit that they wouldn't start. Suppose we will find out.
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    Ryan Harley at the game yesterday?

    No, not to be able to put their hand in their pocket necessarily but somebody of this skill set ie being able to make money, which is a considerable skill, would surely benefit us more than having a group of people who arent as capable of it.
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    Ryan Harley at the game yesterday?

    Completely agree, its not a charity but it is a fan owned football club, until we can get in what we really need, a business man with a lot of money, that means finding funds falls on us surely? The other alternative i guess is we sell the likes of Grimes and quite a few after him and end up...
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    Ryan Harley at the game yesterday?

    Could we really afford to resign him though? Hes on big bucks and we are skint! I believe the figure is around £2,000 a week. Some lateral thinking maybe to get the funds. For example, you find 100 fans willing to pay £20 a week to fund Ryans wages. In return they recieve tickets to all home...
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    Help required - cat & fiddle roof

    Why not put this on the club website and when a fan replies saying they can do it, offer to pay them with a set of tickets. We cant shift tickets as it is and they cost us nothing to dish out. Im sure someone would be willing to give up some time in exchange for a small thank you. But maybe...