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  1. scottus86

    Summer Transfer Thread 2023

    One of the most important positions in mine.
  2. scottus86

    Ethan Ampadu

    I get the feeling he never fulfilled his potential at Chelsea. I guess relegation battles in Seria A are good experience but probably not what Chelsea are looking for. It would be nice to see how he plays in a team that's expected to do well.
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    Summer Transfer Thread 2023

  4. scottus86

    Summer Transfer Thread 2023

    Where did we sign Randall Williams from?
  5. scottus86

    Welcome Gary Woods

    If we're wanting Lee to break into the first team then Woods is the kind of option that's reliable enough but also replaceable enough, which can give us flexibility as we build a new squad capable of battling at the top over the next 2 to 3 seasons. Lee will eventually be an important part of...
  6. scottus86

    Pedro Borges signs pro

    I thought he did really well today and grew into the game considerably. Has to be careful with those crunching tackles though.
  7. scottus86

    Exeter City v Morecambe final Home Game 2022-23

    Good to finish the season with a win. An absurd amount of stoppage time. Calamity mix up by Aimson and Blackman. Stansfield won't score an easier hatrick in his career with Morecombe leaving him unmarked on the penalty spot for his second and third. Both Borges and Cox looked like they'd be...
  8. scottus86

    Jack Sparkes

    Probably, a shame though as he has a lot of talent in the final third. I'll always remember the quality, technique and composure in the last minute of that game where we came back to win 4-3 against Harrogate I think.
  9. scottus86

    Jay Stansfield (Welcome back)

    He has had a decent season in his first season in men's profesional football. He's probably learnt a lot this year. I expect next year he'll go on loan in the championship, maybe you'll see him reunite with Taylor at Rotherham.
  10. scottus86

    Transfer Rumours etc

    He'd have to be a squad player though, he gets injured too often and his natural level is probably league 2. Like you say though, he could do Grounds role.
  11. scottus86

    Sheffield Weds. V Exeter City Match-day thread

    It's important for us to see what Coley offers at this level. I think these last few games as "postseason" to see who of the fringe players will stay and who will go
  12. scottus86

    Welcome Gary Caldwell - new manager

    Phoned in an order under the name of Caldwell.
  13. scottus86

    Welcome Gary Caldwell - new manager

    I cams back last May, I should update my exeweb
  14. scottus86

    Welcome Gary Caldwell - new manager

    Has Caldwell bought a house in Crediton? Only a Mrs Caldwell has been in the chippy twice over the last two weeks, never seen her before.
  15. scottus86

    Ollie Watkins

    Since the turn of the year Ollie's stats have matched those of Halaand. How could you ignore that as England manager.
  16. scottus86

    City v Argyle - Matchday Thread

    I'm surprised Harper isn't in the squad Go on to settings and change the commentary to home.
  17. scottus86

    Liam McAlinden

    To be fair, he was forming quite an understanding with Ruben Ried before Stockley arrived. If I remember right, we had started that season flying.
  18. scottus86

    Help needed!

    Hartridge has been practicing with his Toblerone boots to make the OGs look genuine.
  19. scottus86

    Help needed!

    I think we all know what it means to the supporters, getting one over your local Derby gives you bragging rights and the opportunity to laugh and poke fun at them. What the team really needs to think about is, do they want to be remembered as a good team that had a decent season in league one...
  20. scottus86

    MDT : Easter Monday. The Posh v The Grecians. 3pm KO (Peterborough vs Exeter)

    Considering we're pretty much safe, I'm glad to see Cox given a game in the first team. It'll be a good experience for him and motivation for other young players breaking through. Hartridge could probably do with another league 1 season under his belt before moving on, but perhaps he has had his...