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    League 1 News 22-23

    The other thing that comes to mind is the diluted pond small fish in a big pond etc
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    Jevani Brown

    Even if he was selected during this period of uncertainty would you not question whether is mental state and mindset would be right to play, I feel not
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    ECFC V FGR Matchday thread

    Wonder if Brown is sill recovering from being taken off at Oxford might not have been able to train much
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    Former Players

    Possibly as I said old age
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    Former Players

    Old age is kicking in but Alan Birch from Villa was a very good midfield player for us was it in the 70 or maybe the 80 as old age and memory problems
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    Oxford United vs Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Agreed nearly a hour
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    Oxford Utd tickets

    Is the game on Sunday ticket only or can you pay on the day. TIA
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    Exeter City vs Ipswich Town match day thread

    I think he still in bed very poor looks out of his depth
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    Exeter City v Bristol Rovers matchday thread

    Why oh why is this a topic of conversation it’s almost like people are trying to get him to move. Leave the bloke along he will make his decision which is right for him and only him. Rant over
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    Matt Taylor to…….. Chelsea!

    N Nah not that good 😁😁
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    Matt Taylor to…….. Chelsea!

    Born at Politmore played for Heavitree x2 Foxhays and Alphington
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    What about Simpson at Ipswich had a good loan spell at Swindon until he was recalled. Big strong and fast
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    Cambridge Utd FC v Exeter City FC Match Day Thread

    You have to wonder how much the long journey in this heat had an effect in the end. How far is the journey 4 hours plus traffic jams?.
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    Cambridge Utd FC v Exeter City FC Match Day Thread

    Of course after all we are Real Exeter🤩🤩🤩
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    Cheltenham vs Exeter - Carabao Cup 1st round. Match day thread

    Seems like we have a half decent team eat your heats doubts and enjoy today while it lasts
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    Salary Cap

    Totally agreed but we live in hope, cause if carries the game will suffer. Forever the dreamer🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Salary Cap

    Maybe a way forward would be a percentage share of the gate, which I believe used to happen and still does in the cup. This would help the smaller clubs like us when we visit the bigger ground, Derby Sheffield etc.
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    Salary Cap

    Thanks for that information however the rich owners in other sports treat this as a business and all play by the rules. If they are governed then they have to comply or pay the penalty which should be enforced by the governing body which is to weak/scared to make it work
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    Salary Cap

    If this has been posted before,I apologise but reading the Football league paper this morning there was an article about Scunthorpe and Stockport, when Scunthorpe were relegated ther budget was around the £1 mil mark with a squad of 22 which worked out as a average salary of £874 a week. Then...