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  1. Jason

    Season Tickets 23/24 season

    It's an interesting comparison. I suspect many will feel City have priced it about right. Some teams like Bradford offer low priced season tickets, as they have for a number of years, to get volume of people through the gate and promote secondary spend. They have the excess capacity to make...
  2. Jason

    Fan Photos and Videos

    Some people are on the pitch, they think it's all over...
  3. Jason


    Finally got in just before the goal ☺️ More than frustrating before that though!
  4. Jason


    Same problem for me too. Every home game has worked a treat with no buffering etc at all. I thought I would give an away game a go and really wishing I hadn't bothered. I haven't seen any of this match at all so far :mad:
  5. Jason

    TV Cameras at SJP tomorrow.

    Extended highlights just seen on Quest in relation to this.
  6. Jason

    Fulham v Exeter City EFL Cup 2nd Round MDT.

    Agreed. No comparison with the 3rd round reply with Liverpool which still rankles even now! Great experience you would imagine for many of those playing tonight.
  7. Jason

    Reduced Train Service at St James Park Station

    Yes it would on a typical day. However when Chiefs are at home the fans must use Digby for Exeter bound travel and Newcourt for Exmouth bound journeys.
  8. Jason

    Ollie Watkins

    Good find mate, I enjoyed reading that.
  9. Jason

    Adrian Hitchcox aka RW

    Very best wishes to you RW. I enjoy your contributions (contentious or not!) and it's clear how much City means to you.
  10. Jason

    Tisdale must go ...

    Re: Tisdale must go 'So are you a glass half-full person or a glass-half empty person? The former will be delighted at Arsenal keeping possession of the ball for 69% of the first half, the latter will not be too impressed with 45 minutes of not having a shot on target. At home. Against a side...
  11. Jason


    I can see where you're coming from. I have a LOT of love for City, but am suffering a serious lack of mojo watching us these days. I think this season will be the least number of games I attend since about 2001, when I didn't live near Exeter! Chiefs is becoming an increasingly attractive...
  12. Jason


    Geddon the Chiefs! Must say that I get much more enjoyment watching them these days than I do City...
  13. Jason

    Tisdale Poll

    Proper chaps no more.
  14. Jason

    Ayup ...

    Sort it out Exewebthorpe! It's like that shower scene in Dallas. The last season and a half were all but a dream...
  15. Jason

    Chants for Argyle @ SJP

    To the tune of Sloop John B: This county is ours! This county is ours! F**k off to Cornwall! This county is ours!
  16. Jason

    The pitch - Some facts Down to a bitingly cold -15c last night at Exeter Airport and recorded at -9c at the time of this post. Hopefully the climate at SJP is somewhat milder!
  17. Jason

    Ian sells his soul

    Worth a rerun - Toddy at his best...
  18. Jason

    City v Sheffield Wednesday

    I sincerely I hope not as I don't think this will sell out. It's very close to Christmas and if the Southampton game last season was well short of a full house I very much doubt this will be packed either. There is no history (or likelihood) of any trouble between the Owls and us so POTG seems...
  19. Jason

    Catering stock control?

    It does seem shambolic after the very promising start to new Pride of Devon catering last season. There seemed to be a far greater range back then... I went to get a pasty at half time yesterday and was told they sold out before KO. 'This usually happens with bigger crowds' I was told...
  20. Jason

    Billy Kee This recent article is significant. As long as Torquay are propped up by their lottery benefactor it is simply reality that they will be able to out bid us. :( It is unlikely to be coincidence that...