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    Exeter City vs Reading - EFL Trophy - match day thread. 7pm kick off

    They can gloat all they like but, like Torquay before them, they are both still looking up at us (for now anyway) in the EFL, which is of far more importance both financially and from a prestige point of view!
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    Summer Transfer Thread 2023

    Too much £££££ required possibly?
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    Home Attendances and Atmosphere

    What like, stand on one leg if you hate Argyle? Still as boring and benign!
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    Exeter City vs Stevenage match day thread. League Cup 2nd Round. 7.45pm KO

    Funny that the chap next to him is wearing a British & Irish Lions (rugby) tracksuit top!
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    St. James Park - Championship Ground

    Ant, Didn't you superimpose a 'swung' pitch on the present ground in one of your previous posts? Twas some years ago though, which shows how long it takes for pennies to drop these days!
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    'Cans for City' - revived

    Thanks Adrian, is that 1 or 2 weeks worth of drinking? A good start towards our next collection.
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    Exeweb Goals X Exeter Food Action fundraiser

    Just a thought but, have you spoken to Elaine about using the name Grecian Goals in your idea title? Neither would want to get confused with the other of course!
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    Tom Carroll

    I'd also hazard a guess that the club's insurance company would have a major say in any signing where, there is the possibility of the said player being so injured as to be able to play and thereby activating said policy to cover his wages and any treatment required.
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    Reece Cole signs

    Cheers, I knew it was somewhere south of Inverness anyway!
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    Reece Cole signs

    Didn't David Wheeler play for Hayes and Heading at one stage? Not bad footsteps to follow if right.
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    Reece Cole signs

    Last season hardly any of the team had ' league 1 experience ' and they all did pretty well.
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    The SJP pitch - 2022/23

    Unique is a very appropriate description, it is the ONLY such scheme in the whole of the Premiership and EFL. Not even those 'gods' of sustainability, FGR, have anything remotely similar, in fact when ECFC played them at their place this year, Grecians, collected cans from the terraces and...
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    The SJP pitch - 2022/23

    An interesting idea, but it could only apply to a limited number of Cans4City donations, others are 'non physical' like monetary donations or it would be inappropriate as in the case of Memorial Plaques. The fridge in the home dressing room at SJP does have a 'Funded by Cans4City' notice on it...
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    The SJP pitch - 2022/23

    Chass's 'all singing, all dancing' fertiliser/seed spreader, part funded by Cans4CIty, I suspect this is in it's fertiliser mode!
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    Summer Transfer Thread 2023

    Which he'll fail as his knuckles don't drag on the ground!
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    League 1 News 22-23

    What's the going rate for sewing mail bags these days? Possibly not high enough to keep funding Fleetwood i suspect!
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    The Serious Torquay Thread

    Or Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.........all the Hollywood actors and all of their friends, couldn't put Humpty together again!
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    Loan watch 22-23

    Not as guaranteed as getting a yellow card for taking your shirt off though.
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    Fleetwood Town vs Exeter City match day thread

    The '6 hour coach journey' was on Friday, with a good night's sleep in a hotel Friday night, so no reason to be tired.