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  1. The 3 United's

    Exeter City v Leyton Orient Match day Thread.

    Does anyone on here think Orient are crap? They were the worst team by far I've seen since promotion. However, they had a game plan based on our forward free team ( no disrespect to Sonny, but asked do a job that isn't his game) and it worked. My neck is still aching from looking at the ball...
  2. The 3 United's

    Exeter City v Leyton Orient Match day Thread.

    Ben Toner is one of the better referees at this level, hopefully he is today!!!
  3. The 3 United's

    Former Players

    Sam Stubbs and Kev McDonald start for Bradford. Stubbs in nomansland when Grimsby score, though not at fault for the goal. Bradford's style of play doesn't seem to suit Kev and he hasn't had much influence.
  4. The 3 United's

    Admiral Muskwe

    The ship was actually called the ADMIRAL Graf Spee; so there is a connection to our new signing.😂
  5. The 3 United's

    Home ticket news 2023/24

    The rugby is the revamped PL Cup with a few lower tier clubs now taking part because of PL club insolvencies last season. There is no relegation this or next season from the PL. Nevertheless a few would still rather go there than to SJP.
  6. The 3 United's

    League One - 2023/24

    Apparently Lee Johnson is about to be appointed as Fleetwood manager. The merry go round of managerial failure continues.
  7. The 3 United's

    Dick Pym - The Fisherman Footballer - exhibition in Topsham

    Funnily enough also went there today and looked at this excellent exhibition and so glad I did it and learned a lot about Dick. If you haven't been please try to go before it ends next month and also enjoy a lovely Devon Cream Tea in the garden afterwards.
  8. The 3 United's

    Ilmari Niskanen (Welcome)

    Can't find the Finland thread, hence posting
  9. The 3 United's

    Ilmari Niskanen (Welcome)

    Played the whole game in a 1-0 win, having one of Finland's eight shots(don't know if it was one of the four on target).
  10. The 3 United's

    Finland in Euro 2024

    1-0 Finland
  11. The 3 United's

    Ilmari Niskanen (Welcome)

    Starts for Finland today, with Sinisalo on the bench.
  12. The 3 United's

    Viljami Sinisalo (in on loan)

    Apparently Finnish is the most difficult European language to learn.
  13. The 3 United's

    Gary Caldwell Apraisal

    Fired by Chesterfield 2017 and which league are they still in?
  14. The 3 United's

    Home ticket news 2023/24

    England v Ukraine: KO 5.00pm.
  15. The 3 United's

    Gary Caldwell Apraisal

    To be honest Trampus I think that is a bit hard on Tisdale, as he did take us from the Conference to a League 1 8th finish. As we all no it went downhill badly from there and he seemed to actually believe his own hype. As has been said on countless occasions before the problem was the two year...
  16. The 3 United's

    Gary Caldwell Apraisal

    I can't fault any of these responses regarding our excellent manager, but would say that in life in general and in football never judge anything or anyone too soon. I believed in the appointment from the beginning as the club put a huge amount of time and effort into getting the right person...
  17. The 3 United's

    Summer Transfer Thread 2023

    Apparently Ciaran Clarke is who they are about to sign.
  18. The 3 United's

    Summer Transfer Thread 2023

    Mansfield may well need him as Clough said they only had 11 fit players on Saturday.
  19. The 3 United's

    Cheick Diabate

    Quite possibly he's more suited to GC's style of football rather than that of Tisdale's or Taylor's. GC, being a quality defender himself, may well have helped Sweenz in this respect.