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    Matt Taylor - sacked by Rotherham & employed by Bristol Rovers

    Rovers imo have got a good manager. He has a couple of familiar faces there to in Friend and Brown. Doesn’t play FIFa like a lot of managers today. One thing with Taylor is he is honest and that’s all you can ask. Wouldn’t surprise me now Rovers in the play offs. You will get six points from us...
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    Bolton Wanderers versus Exeter City Official Matchday Thread

    Let’s be honest we have all seen City lose a few in a row but not like this but unfortunately the only thing we really can do is not attend , I will not be there Tuesday and at the moment not Port Vale either after that its down to the club. Arrest this bleed or we perish backwards
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    Bolton Wanderers versus Exeter City Official Matchday Thread

    I have had a thought about all this. Yes I am totally FED!! Up with things at the moment But let’s take a step back Collins, Key, Nombe , Brown , Sparkes all go to be replaced by Cole. Ex southern league south Harper. Nation league Jules. Relegated from league 1 Rankine. Loan Adrimal...
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    Some old pictures

    Bobby wa Bobby was a family friend. If you remember the famous picture of Kellow , Pullar Delve etc dressed as gangster during the 1980 cup run. Father got the coats and Bobby brought them to our house to get them. We lived in South glos at the time. I still do. Really good Chap !!! Bobby
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    Admiral Muskwe

    Just send him back if he is not fit come Saturday week surely enough is enough.
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    Caldwell out?

    Problem is as I see it right or wrong. We may own our own club but we don’t run it. We as supporters have no real say. It’s all done by the high and mighty who I don’t really know. But they do everything they want. So what is the difference if we had a sugar daddy, maybe some money to spend...
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    No action by the board ( I honestly don’t think they will) and the emptyish big bank will have a new song We’re bottom of the league , we’re bottom of the league
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    Caldwell out?

    I was not due to visit SJP until the Port Vale game. But I can’t see that happening at the moment as for Boxing Day might save my money (like our board) unless things change. Lost the faith
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    Caldwell out?

    Personally think we are at a level going higher is not going to happen. As soon as any good players come through the door all the club think of is selling on for a profit so the cycle then starts again. Tagg should of gone years ago just my opinion. Replacing Caldwell will not make a jot of...
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    November 2023 Points Prediction Thread

    Here we go let’s see if I can keep it going Fleetwood. Away. Draw. 1-1 Peterborough. Home. Lose. 0-2 Bolton. Away. Lose 0-2 Shrewsbury. Home. Win 1-0 4 points Oh dear
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    Injury/Suspension List Thread

    Squad is very lightweight at the moment think the fans need to support everyone. I know it not ideal but we need to get to January fast and see if the club reacts. So a call to all let’s support what we got as said not idea until January then hopefully the CLUB. Backs the fans
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    Exeter City v Wigan Athletic FA Cup Matchday Thread

    Hopefully win today. But not upset if we don’t. We don’t need extra games at the moment injury list growing again. League most important now. Need January fast
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    ECFC v Man Utd - 4th January 1969

    And Bobby Charlton in the picture
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    ECFC v Middlesbrough Matchday thread

    Personally enjoyed the game thought we battled well 4 great goals in the game and a stupid pen. But that City at the moment. Thought Harper was carrying an injury second half. Thought fitzwater played well as did Hartridge. Also thought Middlesbrough were a good team Let’s hope we have a team...
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    City v Middlesbrough Build Up Thread

    Interesting to see if a premier league ref is any better than the rubbish we have had all season
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    Score Prediction Tuesday

    Let’s surprise everyone City 1-0. Admiral to score 😃
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    October 2023 Points Prediction Thread

    First time ever been in the position as a winner so a very sensible decision. But in all seriousness I wish I was totally wrong. So well done Ashford G
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    Exeter City v Lincoln City Matchday Thread.

    So you think we are going forward
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    Exeter City v Lincoln City Matchday Thread.

    I have been going to SJP since 1970 and seen some inept boards and I TrueLy believe we have one now. I travel from South Glos to support City and yes they mean everything to me. Please ask yourselves how many of these season team would get in last years. Nombe. Brown Stansfield the best front...
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    Exeter City v Lincoln City Matchday Thread.

    I totally agree with you. What happened with. J Brown last year was a joke but we sell and don’t replace because as far as our blinkered board is the academy will deliver. Pie in the sky. Personally getting rid of GC will not make a difference while we have our inept. Lily livered liberal...