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    Gary's January Transfer Window

    Which is why he’ll likely be the one dropped. Aimson is the stronger centre cb by all accounts

    Gary's January Transfer Window

    Aimsons best position by far is centre of the three cb due to him not being the best on the ball. Diabete will likely be the one who’s moved to the outside of the 3 or left out

    Gary's January Transfer Window

    Surprised we didnt loose anyone, Looking like we’ve got a very strong squad now, time to push on Saturday 😎

    Gary's January Transfer Window

    James scott unveiled at 7. That means jev probably gone. Depends highly on how good Scott is and the fee we get but probably the correct move rather than letting him go for free in July given he has refused a new contract

    Gary's January Transfer Window

    The club is run in a shoestring as it is do you not think the club from a business perspective would rather get something for jevani now to quickly reinvest in another player rather than getting nothing for him in the summer…

    Gary's January Transfer Window

    If Jevani has turned down a contract extension then I imagine city are actually pushing the sale of Jevani this month given his contract ends this summer leaving him available on a free.

    Demetri Mitchell signs on for City

    Yes I was thinking this. hopefully this is the case given his injury record

    Demetri Mitchell signs on for City

    hibs fans are saying he’s very injury prone.

    St. James Park - Championship Ground

    I agree, If we ever did reach the champ and managed to stay there then surely ground sharing at sandy park would be a viable option even if on a temporary basis. Bristol city amongst others ground share with the egg chasers so I’d imagine it’s possible for us aswell especially if financial...
  10. DJG.ECFC

    Josh Key...

    Why is nobody questioning the decision to play him at centre attacking mid for the first hour of the game? Ridiculous decision to play a natural rwb centrally
  11. DJG.ECFC

    Poll: were MJ & Dieng 'integral to the team'

    Both seemed like integral parts of the dressing room and seemed to play big roles in terms of the togetherness and good morale we have within our squad. Maybe not integral on the pitch this season but both had a part to play and have impacted games this season, Tim especially will be a big...
  12. DJG.ECFC

    Tim Dieng to Gillingham

    Must have been a decent fee for trigger a release clause surely. Still a big loss in my opinion, was vital last season and changed games this season just look at rovers away
  13. DJG.ECFC

    Thanks Matt Jay

    After doing some research Colchester have won 3 of their last 4 since the manager change and have made a couple very good jan signings. No chance they’re going down, I’m thinking about putting a couple quid on them to get play offs at 66/1 now MJs there haha
  14. DJG.ECFC

    FGR @ SJP - Prediction & Discussion Thread

    nailsworth is 3 or 4 miles from Stroud. Obviously most their fans are from Stroud which is a fairly big town so this nailsworth population argument is always laughable. also I believe their new ground is going to be in the outskirts of Stroud as they’re leaving nailsworth
  15. DJG.ECFC

    Thanks Matt Jay

    Surely he could of got a better move than Colchester, a declining plastic club with no fans sitting 20th in league two. Best of luck tho Matt, top bloke and Exeter through and through, thanks for the memories 🔴⚪
  16. DJG.ECFC

    Unrest in the Youth set up

    Obviously I’m not going to name names but a family friend of mine has a son who plays for our under 18s. As far as I’m aware he and many of the other youth players are beginning to loose faith in the system and look for options elsewhere due to how unorganised and badly managed things have...
  17. DJG.ECFC

    Matt Taylor - sacked by Rotherham & employed by Bristol Rovers

    Dear oh dear. Said at the time Matt should’ve waited and had a strong full season with us in league one then looked for a better champ opportunity than Rotherham. The owners not going to back him and the fans are already on both his and the owners back. Hopefully that means he doesn’t come for...
  18. DJG.ECFC

    Bristol Rovers v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Still buzzing off this, might be the best away day I’ve ever been to
  19. DJG.ECFC

    Welcome Gary Caldwell - new manager

    What a surprise the man with a p*ss poor managerial record is sending our club Backwards under his management. Mr Julian Tagg or whoever else it was who decided to employ a man with his managerial record needs sacking along with mr Caldwell himself