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  1. Redarrow

    Exeter City Women 2022/23 Season

    I went today with my under 13’s youth team as our club secretary received an email saying “All FA registered youth players under the age of 18, receive a free ticket and all accompanying adults are £5”. The stagecoach stand was reserved for youth teams within the Devon and Exeter youth...
  2. Redarrow

    Gary's January Transfer Window

    Jev to Rotherham next……
  3. Redarrow

    Tim Dieng to Gillingham

    On reflection I just find this move very strange indeed. Maybe more money, maybe the fact his partner is from that way and he has a property not far from Gills from when he was at Southend, maybe he wants to set his roots there due to partners family etc…..either way not sure why he would want...
  4. Redarrow

    Tim Dieng to Gillingham

    Another one flying the nest. Thanks for everything Tim
  5. Redarrow

    Thanks Matt Jay

    Big player for us over the last couple years and will be missed, I know he hasn’t been involved as much as he wanted under GC and i Guess it makes sense why he hasn’t played a lot recently as the deal was most likely sorted a while ago and the club didn’t want it to fall through if injured etc...
  6. Redarrow

    Unrest in the Youth set up

    Roughly 4 or 5 of the current U18-21’s have been involved in first team squads this season and a fair few are out on loan to gain experience, also after watching the togetherness that group had against oxford recently it didn’t seem like a group who “Have unrest” within it. Brad, Aaron and Nicky...
  7. Redarrow

    Nombe and blackman could be in trouble

    A close friend of mine who is a Police Officer said that the aggravating party who initially started the trouble are known to police for previous issues in and around Exeter. he didn't say if anyone was arrested and didn't say if the other party were from Exeter or Plymouth etc. He was however...
  8. Redarrow

    Welcome Gary Caldwell - new manager

    Quite excited about this guy, Experienced with managing in League One/Championship before and I'm sure will have plenty of contacts within the game to help us with loans, exactly what this club needs!! Welcome Gary
  9. Redarrow

    The Next Exeter City First Team Manager Thread

    Just not sure on Nicholson, great coach with youth I’m sure but when he took the reigns at Torquay he was woeful
  10. Redarrow

    The Next Exeter City First Team Manager Thread

    Understand that and in no way do I believe that the fall out at the end of his reign was just on Tisdale. Some need to ask the reasons why it went sour, takes two party’s to create something. Either way let’s get Chris wilder on the blower asap
  11. Redarrow

    The Next Exeter City First Team Manager Thread

    Everyone loved the man years ago when he got us out the Blue Square Prem and into league one within two years. How it ended was poor from all party’s don’t get me wrong but let’s not forget what success he bought to the club, I for one enjoyed the promotions, staying up in league one against the...
  12. Redarrow

    The Next Exeter City First Team Manager Thread

    On previous threads a lot of people are saying a big NO to Tisdale, however he did also bring a lot of success to the club and ultimately put the foundations in place for the likes of MT to come in and continue that success, not a silly suggestion in my eyes.
  13. Redarrow

    The Next Exeter City First Team Manager Thread

    Was just thinking the same thing….usually many transfers for players/managers are never a last minute thing are they, even Transfer Deadline Day deals are usually on the cards weeks in advance
  14. Redarrow

    Matt Taylor Leaving? Has left!

    Just seen this on Twitter and agree with everything said: “Would be shocked to see Matt Taylor leave #ECFC for Rotherham. Rotherham are at their current ceiling and it’s virtually impossible to take them any further. He’d be better off staying short term until an opportunity comes up where...
  15. Redarrow

    Matt Taylor Leaving? Has left!

    a manager can only work with the players/budget they have, Hargreaves’s had the same issue when he took on the Torquay job previously, club struggling off the pitch with minimal budget. We are a completely different club with far better players for them to work with, only thought of him due to...
  16. Redarrow

    Matt Taylor Leaving? Has left!

    Only just started working together at a new club in non league, however many non league managers have been mentioned in this thread so why not throw in Chris Hargreaves’s and Chris Todd at Yeovil…..both worked at the club before and I believe Chris Hargreaves’s had a big part to play alongside...
  17. Redarrow

    Club Captain

    Archie Collins
  18. Redarrow

    Thank you Pierce Sweeney!!! (To Swindon Town and now Exeter)

    Yes very true, if the manager made it clear he wasn’t in his plans pierce was most likely looking for a move back then, could be another reason he worked so hard this year as he was playing for a move maybe. shame how someone who has been here years is almost “not cared about” by the staff...
  19. Redarrow

    Thank you Pierce Sweeney!!! (To Swindon Town and now Exeter)

    A big possibility, huge shame seeing him go as I really rated him personally, his days seemed up when his squad number changed from 2 to 26 at the start of last season, however he proved himself and fought his way back into the team, full credit to him!!