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  1. denzil

    Gary's January Transfer Window

    As long as it's not so late that we cannot replace anyone who leaves.......
  2. denzil

    Gary's January Transfer Window

    I am just a bit peed off in waiting for something/anything to happen.
  3. denzil

    Caleb Watts signs

    World beaters they ain't !!
  4. denzil

    Still hasn't got it right

    City are hoping Yanic Wildscut will sign a contract extension - eeeeeekkkkkkkk !!!
  5. denzil

    Reading vs Exeter City Matchday Thread

    The ***** commentators on ifollow were really critical of our team/set up and TBH I mostly agree BUT it didn't half hurt !!
  6. denzil

    Any whispers or rumours ?

    No Scott wasn't BUT we'll be left with just him if all the leaving rumours are true.
  7. denzil

    Any whispers or rumours ?

    It appears from messages on here point to a further break up of the MT side. At this rate we'll be left with Scott !! I don't like what is going on at OUR Club.
  8. denzil

    RIP Lammie Robertson

    Especially his fouls in front the ref/lino :-) R.I.P. Lammie
  9. denzil

    Merry Christmas Exeweb......

    Merry Christmas everyone !!!
  10. denzil

    Will Aimson joins on a permanent contract

    I'm not certain Aimson is comfortable anywhere !!!!
  11. denzil

    What's HE doing today ??

    What do you reckon? Is GC at a match scouting for players, gone home for an early Christmas or at St. Petroc's ?
  12. denzil

    Former Players

    Matt Jay - (I know memories can be rose tinted) but is/would be head and shoulders above most of what we have now and contributed goals.
  13. denzil

    Stevenage vs Exeter City Official Matchday Thread

    You're hallucinating !!!
  14. denzil

    Stevenage vs Exeter City Official Matchday Thread

    Ref an idiot so is Aitchison !!!!!
  15. denzil

    Stevenage vs Exeter City Official Matchday Thread

    Our squad just isn't big enough to warrant giving away such silly yellow cards !
  16. denzil

    Exeter City v Port Vale official matchday thread

    I am really pi$$ed off with yet another abysmal display against a side who can't win for love nor money. Who succumbed ?? US !!!!!!!! What a wonderful Christmas present from the Club/Players etc. I really am totally losing my love of Exeter City and I never thought I'd EVER say or think that and...
  17. denzil

    YET ANOTHER E.D.G. Social -

    Many thanks to all of you who came last night and to Julie Thorne and her team. OVER £500 raised !!!
  18. denzil

    YET ANOTHER E.D.G. Social -

    As my wife often says "tonight's the night"
  19. denzil

    Exeter City v Shrewsbury Matchday Thread 28th Nov 2023. k.o. 7:45 and 9:45.

    If we cannot win (or even score a goal) against a team like Shrewsbur,y last night, then we are as abysmal as them and must be considered as realistic relegation fodder. How can a 0-0 at home be considered as a step forward ?
  20. denzil

    Caldwell out?

    I have been behind GC since he arrived but now I wish I was behind him on Beachy Head...........not bothering Tuesday night !!