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  1. CityTillIDie


    Anyone know if there are still replica retro shirts for sale in the club shop or are they all gone?
  2. CityTillIDie

    Cheltenham Town v Exeter City Matchday Thread.

    Can sit back relax and watch argyle come down now, utc!
  3. CityTillIDie

    ***** 23rd March **** Your neighbours need your support - Torquay United in peril

    I bloody hate Torquay and have heard many bad stuff about their fans, and the less said about the argyle lot the better. Always found their strange love affair between both sets of fans hilarious as well. However I can put rivalry aside for the bigger footballing picture and you will have my...
  4. CityTillIDie

    What song are You listening to Right Now???

    Ramones - can’t seem to make you mine
  5. CityTillIDie

    2014 Brazil Trip Anniversary

    Class video.
  6. CityTillIDie

    Joey Barton

    He was and still is a complete ****
  7. CityTillIDie

    The songs/chants thread.

    Thought I’d post this don’t think it’s the best but being sung a lot but more people knowing the words always helps: Every Saturday we follow The boys in red and white From Scotland down to Cornwall Even on a Tuesday night Although times have been hard We travel near and far You will always...
  8. CityTillIDie

    Stevenage vs Exeter City Official Matchday Thread

    Again?!?! What happened?
  9. CityTillIDie

    My New Football Club Podcast

    Love to see all the support for the pod I suddenly felt I was swaying towards jons view of exeweb then for a minute. reassuring to see there’s plenty of great level headed people on this forum. Love the pod guys! Lighten up certain people it’s not that serious!
  10. CityTillIDie

    Upcoming Display vs Middlesbrough

    Pulley system tifo on the bank possible?
  11. CityTillIDie

    Trust Membership

    Quick question does anyone know if your trust membership runs from the day you sign up ( a year on ) or is it till the beginning of the new year?
  12. CityTillIDie

    Demetri Mitchell on X

    Upmost respect to him!
  13. CityTillIDie

    ECFC v Middlesbrough Matchday thread

    Hope everyone participates, utc.
  14. CityTillIDie

    Upcoming Display vs Middlesbrough

    Fair play to him!
  15. CityTillIDie

    Exeter City v Lincoln City Matchday Thread.

    If I was searched again I would’ve been even more annoyed. It just seemed unnecessary to me as I walk through there all the time and so do many other people! I also had just missed the goal and was late for work so probably wasn’t in the best of mood haha.
  16. CityTillIDie

    Exeter City v Lincoln City Matchday Thread.

    Apologies for writing that twice accidentally. Was not impressed to say the least absolutely no need for it, it’s Exeter vs Lincoln ffs! what do they think I’m going to do walking through the standard shortcut!?!? Club needs to sort it else it will become a problem!
  17. CityTillIDie

    Exeter City v Lincoln City Matchday Thread.

    Had to leave early to go to work and missed the goal oh well up the city! However got stopped trying to walk to work through red square asking for a ticket saying I can’t walk through it I had to start work at 5 so left 15 mins early (missed the goal) and a steward wouldn’t let me walk to town...
  18. CityTillIDie

    Exeter City v Lincoln City Matchday Thread.

    Love getting treated like a criminal entering the bank, absolute steward overkill. No need!
  19. CityTillIDie

    Derby County vs Exeter City matchday thread

    Absolutely shocking, Awful pass from Scott!
  20. CityTillIDie

    Derby County vs Exeter City matchday thread

    Amount of space in the box for derby regardless of the offside is shocking! Have we given up?