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    Harry Kite

    Since Pompey’s 1st choice left back has been fit, Sparkes has become a bit part player. Now they are in the championship, be surprised if he gets a game.
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    Port Vale v Exeter City match day thread

    Alli got more pace than Nombe !!!!
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    Jake Richards

    Absolutely agree. Looked at home out there. Loved his swivel and turn in the box !
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    The Official Leyton Orient versus Exeter City Matchday Thread

    How anyone can say TC isnt very good needs to give their heads a wobble. Obvious mistake tonight, but in general the boy is quality. Dominates play, and now with Woods, we have a very good midfield pairing
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    Foster the imposter - in or out

    On this showing, Rotherham would struggle in league 2. They are ****
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    Ollie Watkins

    Personally think Toney goes ahead of Watkins. Suits Southgate’s system better.
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    Ryan Woods signs on loan

    We need to sign this boy up. Quality player. Will Hull want him back?
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    Ethan Ampadu

    Pretty sure that Moore had a trial with us . I believe Tisdale wasnt impressed
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    Former Players

    Without a shadow of doubt
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    The Official Exeter City versus Burton Albion Matchday Thread

    Was Alli injured?? Looked dead on his feet after 15 mins 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Shrewsbury Town v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Odd. Very odd 😂
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    Shrewsbury Town v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Maybe, but, tell me which defender is “consistent” in our side. They are all consistent in their inconsistency , thats why they are in league 1. Aimson has had a poorish mid season, but has got his game back recently, but that wont stop some criticising every little error. Have a look at Boltons...
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    Shrewsbury Town v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    No pleasing some on here. We scored 3 against their 10 men before half time. 2nd half we had complete control against a Shrews team that were on damage limitation exercise ie: everybody behind the ball. We made 5 substitutions which always disrupts a flow of game too. A job well done. Love him...
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    Viljami Sinisalo (in on loan)

    Needs to work on his distribution, but happy to see him progress in our colours
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    Sonny Cox

    Good news, hopefully he can kick on now and start scoring some goals. Wonder what happened re all the noise ref big clubs wanted his signature not long ago.???
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    Peterborough United v Exeter City match day thread

    Plenty of possession in the final 3rd yet their keeper was virtually a spectator. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Peterborough United v Exeter City match day thread

    Maybe the media boys can ask Caldwell????????
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    Harry Kite

    You sound like someone with a personal interest in our youth/academy/scholars. Am i wrong?
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    Harry Kite

    Why is that then?? 🤦🏻 Is it possible they aren't up to the task or do you think Caldwell doesn't want success for the Academy ??
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    Harry Kite

    I don’t buy into this “Caldwell isn't interested in our youth/academy players” Frankly the suggestion is laughable. He has on several occasions said that the Academy is the basis on which the club goes forward. When he was employed he knew this. The fact is,the current youth/academy players...