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    Welcome Gary Woods

    When woods was in goal ,he didn’t inspire any confidence in me,and you always thought that a mistake was never far away,but good luck to him in Scotland
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    Grecian+: A new streaming service

    Wrexham have done well,and to be fair to the owners,that have raised the profile of the club,but the hype surrounding Wrexham,may start to wear a bit thin next season!
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    Hel are the Club's new sponsor

    When we were kids,my sister and I,had some great holidays on Hayle towans !
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    Viljami Sinisalo (in on loan) - signs for Celtic

    I hope vil does well with Celtic,good keeper with a good attitude,he deserves it !
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    Next England Manager

    Pochetino wouldn’t be a bad shout
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    Former Players

    Let’s hope he shows more interest,than he did when he was here !
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    Season Tickets 2024/25

    Mine came yesterday,and grandsons came today,the fixture list is already burp and he will get his for his room,so a nice touch from city,with the fixtures list 👍👍
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    Will Aimson joins on a permanent contract - to Wigan

    Had some good games,but also had some bad ones,the timing of his tackles gave away a few penalty kicks,so thanks will,and if a bit of booing from some fans was too much for you,then you are more a delicate than we all thought !
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    New Sponsor, New Shirt

    The ceo of carpetright,will Walsh retired before it went west !
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    The Euro 2024 England versus Spain Prediction Threads.

    Good effort from England,but not quite enough quality with the passing,Spain are a very good side,but we just didn’t have enough quality!
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    The Euro 2024 England versus Spain Prediction Threads.

    Will be a tough game,and a tough watch,I am hoping England will prevail,but I hoped that in 1970!
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    Harry Kite

    I always thought Harry was a decent player,although he did have lapses of concentration,now and again,but wherever he goes,I wish him well !
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    Ollie Watkins

    Sorry didn’t see it had been posted already
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    Ollie Watkins

    There is a nice article by brent pilnick on bbc sport about Connor Riley Lowe,which says,my mate has just scored the winner in a semi final,a very good read !
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    Ollie Watkins

    Karma for cheating Ronald koeman,and karma for those bastards attacking england fans ,suck it up tulip growers 👍😂😂😂😂
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    Euro 2024

    Well done Ollie,great finish from one of our own !!!!
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    Euro 2024

    Glad Spain won,that should top the winghing from dicier des champs !
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    League One - 2024/25

    I do think Wrexham and Parkinson,will find league one a bit harder than league two,teams will be harder to break down,and teams like Bolton,wigan etc will be harder to beat than the likes of crewe and Colchester
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    League One - 2024/25

    Parkinson is full of BS!
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    Euro 2024

    If I recall,euro 96 englands opening game,one all draw with Switzerland,and we’re they managed by Roy Hodgson,I can’t remember?