A superb City performance


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Sep 22, 2016
Forgive me for the lack of banter. Can’t be arsed. Just want to say that that was the best performance by any visiting team to HP this season. Played in a great spirit despite the conditions. Your first half tactics were spot on, with very high press and speedy breaks upfield.
In the end had your shot not hit the crossbar, and but for Cooper’s brilliant save, it would have been a draw, which I wouldn’t have argued with. Please perform the same way in your next four games, which are also tough fixtures.


Sep 7, 2014
As good as any team to visit so far this season. Fans better than any in terms of noise. As has been said a small swing the other way and you would have won. As far as I'm aware no real trouble apart from some evil chanting from a small group of thickoes. Most people seem to think it was a great advert for league 1. As an Exeter resident I will now try and get a ticket for the Ipswich game hoping you guys win (what am I saying??!!)
Oct 22, 2009

He says.......as a rare visitor to these threads, it's pleasing to see a level-headed response from some Argyle supporters to what was an excellent game; yes, it could have gone either way and a draw would (in my biased view) have been a 'fair' result.

That said, when the opposition are top of the table, on a run of 8 consecutive home wins in a row (equalling their best ever run, so going for a new record), and can then bring on a player with a third or so of the game left, that scored 19 goals in this league the previous season......I think that shows the difference in budgets between the two clubs, so once the game had settled from the second quick equaliser, the likelihood of one team going to on to win it was stacked in your favour.

Overall though, we took the game to you without fear, played some great football, and any neutrals could surely only have seen the game as a superb representation of League One.

It was a proper derby played in the right way.

The lack of bookings was very surprising, albeit I agree, the ref was class in that respect and let the game flow.