'Cans for City' - revived


Aug 1, 2010
Just a slight correction to the article, the '700,000' cans recycled is in fact since July 2019 and not since the scheme was started in 2005.

Workings; an average can = 18gms. 1,000 gms [1kg] divided by 18gms = 55, multiply this by 1000 = 55,555 cans per tonne. Multiply this by 12.5 tonnes, the amount Cans has recycled since July 2019 = 694,444. Near enough to 700,000 to be 'near'!
If we forecast the next collection on Thursday to be 'approx' 650kg, and, using the same formula, we get 36,111. Add the two together that makes the number of cans recycled since July 2019 to - 730,555.

We have no records as to the amount recycled between 2005 and July 2019, but even at a rough guess, it could be at least a ton, so another 55,000 cans, possibly more.