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Exeter City V Colchester Utd Matchday Thread


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May 31, 2018
Hangingstone Hill
Hopefully Alex "The Libero" Hartridge will recover quickly. Having already added dribbling and passing in the vicinity of the opponents penalty area, he had started beating people with the ball before presumably he was going to progress to shooting. A "Total Footballer" for our age.

SEA Grecian

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Oct 14, 2018
Really comfortable game, which perhaps didn't help us at times as this squad thrives off pressure and competitiveness. MotM a really difficult selection. Zanzala probably had his best performance in a city shirt, Key back to the form that brought the interest in him, Stubbs an absolute rock yet again, but for me, I think Collins deserves it. Great cross for the second, and dictated the tempo of the game from the middle of the pitch.
I think our resilience and competitiveness were really on display in January and February, for example against Harrogate and away at Swindon. Now we just look like a team who are absolutely in the zone and relentlessly churning out the results. The defence are so on their game it feels like the worst we can expect is a 0-0 and that is really giving the rest of the team a platform to express themselves. Of course, it would be nice if we were a bit more clinical in front of goal but some of our passing and movement in the last couple of games has been quite sensastional - the extended highlights of yesterday are pretty much a highlights reel of Sweeney having the time of his life and playing perfect pass after perfect pass.