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Gary's January Transfer Window

Devon Red

Active member
Jun 25, 2008
Most of the Wrexham squad are decent League 1 players, money talks!

Anyway...back on topic

Colesman Ballz

Very well known Exeweb poster
Dec 28, 2014
There are only a handful of clubs in Scotland that would be an upgrade on being at City.

Threatening to move there, in order to force a move, it’s stilla huge gamble.
Need to remember that Lee Johnson was the manager who wanted him at Sunderland. Johnson of course is now manager at Hibernian.


Active member
May 21, 2004
Central Brittany
You would turn down a striker of his ability?? We prob cant afford his wages agreed, but, if we could it would be a no brainer. Most league 1 and 2 teams would jump at the chance of bagging him
I really liked Stockley, he was great for us in L2.
Huge, however, however. To get the best out of him we had to play a style that suited him completely. It was very one dimensional and not a great watch. My feeling is that it is style that wouldn't work in L1 and that our other good players would be off like a shot.
Great L2 player, great bloke . . . but a backward step for us now.

Snoop Fog

Well-known Exeweb poster
Jun 29, 2007
I disagree. We've never have a better chance of making the play-offs.

If you think of the silly loses at home to Chelts and Burton alone, we'd be in those places.
We have an outside chance to make the play offs. To say we've never had a better chance is simply not true. Any side outside the play offs could talk about silly losses.