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Nov 2, 2004
There have been three separate issues in the public domain this season. Jack Arthur, The Terrace and Jevani.
First, I have no idea what Jack Arthur did. After all he is/was our third best youth goalkeeper. Sounds like the Club have distanced themselves from him to a much greater extent than with Jevani, which is all I need to know.

As to the Terrace, I am all for sticking up for my mates - like Wrighty and Shearer are this evening with the boy Lineker, for instance - but some aspects of that incident at the Terrace were....... problematic. Let's just say there is one individual who should be eternally grateful if he doesn't see a courtroom to answer for his actions. I would expect any employer to speak to their staff in the wake of such an incident in an effort to prevent a recurrence of that kind.

And as far as business decisions go, corporate businesses run an absolute mile from companies embroiled in this kind of controversy. You may not like it, but it's just the way the world works now. For instance, the Club are in the market for a shirt sponsor. Should I placate a few guys who have the hump about Jevani not playing, or should I maximise the revenue from sponsorship? Such a hard decision.

The David Noble incident was 10 years ago, and it just goes to show how much has changed in that time.


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Apr 1, 2004
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I think that has probably always been the case though
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Apr 1, 2004
As a matter of interest, how many women are posting on this thread criticising the Club's stance on this?
Exeweb has always appeared to be the domain of men over the age of 40 (more like 60 these days). There were more women posting on here in the 2000s than now, unless some posters are women and I'm not aware of that. It's a shame as we tend to hear a certain type of opinion related to the untepresentative age and gender distribution.