Matt Taylor - A Man on a Mission


Dec 5, 2020
Milwaukee, Wisconsin (but formerly Bude, Cornwall)
He’s not “lucky” at all. He’s doing a grand job of keeping Rotherham afloat in the Championship. If he keeps them up he will be a hero, and I think he will.
Don't disagree that he's doing a decent job, in a tough league. Incidentally MT has got 26 points from 27 games so a PPG of 0.96. So not great, but again, the main objective for Rotherham, much like ourselves was to stay up this season.

GC who obviously like MT took over a club mid-season in a tough league has 25 points from 20 games at a PPG of 1.25 and is also without our best attacking player. Thought this might give a bit of perspective for those who say how well MT is doing (which I agree with), but yet don't seem to have any patient with GC and what he is trying to build.

With all the injuries and behind the scenes stuff that GC has had to deal with I'd say he's done a decent job, and I'm excited about what he is trying to build.


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Dec 30, 2015
Well compared to the Cheltenham pitch,the one that chas and his team prepare for us,is miles ahead,and if Rotherham can’t get decent ground staff to do the same with theirs,then tough s###