Matt Taylor Leaving? Has left!

Average Joe

Jun 20, 2010
Our first team coach who weโ€™ve recently signed should give step in until we find the right man, heโ€™s got lots of experience up and down the leagues and could do the job

Snoop Fog

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Jun 29, 2007
Losing MT is a difficult one to take. It can feel a bit disorientating when your leader leaves suddenly and a successor isn't in place.

For me what's most disheartening is I truly believe MT would have stayed if he thought he could take us further, but the reality is he knew, under the current model and after the painfully difficult transfer window, that just keeping ECFC in L1 was going to be a real challenge. He's clearly ambitious and has grown in to a tactically strong manager who appeared to have good man management skills. He leaves on a high and unlike Tisdale I think he will succeed.

We seriously need to review our options regarding the model and structure of the club if we want to progress to the next level but that's a story for another thread.

andrew p long

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Jan 6, 2006
Hagley, Stourbridge
Not necessarily. Of course this situation is ripe for the conspiracy theorists in our midst but for me it's simply down to a very tempting offer to a man who obviously is ambitious and has shown he is a good manager. Simples.
Yes, the position re the budget etc is pretty straightforward. MT agreed to and understood the budget he was given for the summer.

Sadly unexpectedly high inflation in wages for players at top end League Two/bottom of League One blew us out of the water (largely caused by increasing numbers of wealthy owners like at Wrexham throwing money at players at the level we were looking)

Nobody to blame, no rows. But - and its a massive but - MT got a taste of how his hands would always be tied. Built a successful team on limited money for League Two, but would always be facing a terrible struggle to put a strong enough team together in League One.