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Ollie Watkins

Devon Red

Active member
Jun 25, 2008
Not that I want to justify all of Southgate's decisions, but the 'third striker' decision is easy to understand. There's Kane and Rashford who are as close to guaranteed as can be ,if fit.

Then behind them there is a whole host of others - Wilson,Toney, Calvert-Lewin, Ollie Watkins, Abraham, Bamford - all of whom have been tried but none of whom are obviously miles better than the others. So that spot tends to go to whichever of them is in the best recent form.

As for the midfield selections though...

There are a couple of questionable inclusions, but I agree with GS's decision on the striker front. Kane and Rashford have to be in, and Wilson has scored 18 goals this season firing Newcastle to the Champions League. If Watkins had got in ahead of Wilson it would have been extremely harsh.