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Mar 9, 2004
I am not saying there is a conspiracy. How could there when it involves people at the core of the club. It is pertinent to ask why rent is being paid to a company that was set up many years ago to protect the club when no one knew what the future held. This company is registered at St.James Park and regardless of how you dress it up is independent of the ‘owners’. It doesn’t matter that they can’t sell it or profit from it. I fail to understand what it’s purpose is or why it still exists. The original loans can be returned and ownership reverts to the club isn’t that how it works?! Mr Tagg and Mr Perryman had their loans retuned, so why can’t the others? Mr Tagg stated no one makes a penny from it. Surely it wasn’t purchased all those years ago as an investment, I believe it was done with the clubs future foremost in peoples minds, anything else would be something completely different.
As has been said Ivor Doble passed recently so his estate being sorted might be a factor but that still doesn’t explain why OTR has been running all these years and how it’s another cost to the club that might not be necessary if it was resolved and there shouldn’t be any difficulties with that either as everyone should have the club as their priority and nothing else.
I originally gave Ivor the contact details after speaking to DCC Estates Department when I realized that the building no longer had a school use and might be surplus to their requirements. The purchase of course also included the surrounding school playing fields etc. I was disappointed that OTR subsequently sold off this land for the Stadium Way housing development as I felt that the whole footprint of the site could have been used a lot more effectively for the benefit of the Club.
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